What Comes to MindMature

What come to mind..

I’m starting over.

And not in the typical haphazard way people expect when one says ‘I’m starting over.’ I am not dying my hair. I am not going away to a college. I am not spending money on some ridiculous, unneeded thing.

I’m not going anywhere.

I can say this honestly: I have never done anything like this before. I’ve known this boy for a week, as of today. Seven full days. “I love you,” he whispers raggedly, breathing into my ear, his hair tickling my cheek, his arms wrapped around me too gently to be a true embrace.

A smile cracks, breaks open, and then I laugh.

He looks up at me, bewildered, confused, ready to feel angry. But I shake my head back and forth, muttering, “You’re too cute.”

I’ve been through this before. Hence ‘starting over.’

He sent me a text, seven full days ago, asking me on a date.

But I don't expect him to understand, and that much is clear when he pulls on his shoes, and looks at me expectantly. "Well?"

I cock an eyebrow.

Really, I'm not changing my life as much as it may appear. I'm just being blunt.

Horribly blunt.

But I'd rather say beautifully blunt. It rolls off the tongue well; it's the alliteration.

The End

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