What Came Before

Life in a post-apocalyptic cult. A teenage girl on the verge of some exciting discoveries.

  "Aspen, get up, get up!" my body is shaking from side to side as my eyes wearily blink open.

"Wha... What's going on?" my words tumble out slurred, and I push myself up on to my hands, rubbing the sleep away. The sound of chanting floats to my ears amongst the crackles of fire, the smell of burning filling my nostrils. I sputter, beginning to choke on the fumes, as a foul smell acompanies it and begins to swirl through my head.

"What the hell is that?" I spit out, glancing up at my company as I sit on the floor, wrapped in worn, flea-bitten blankets. Coralie's bright eyes stare back at me, and I can just make out her face in the dim light. The glow of the fire dances along her skin, giving her a pale orange hue. Her lips are stretched back wide over her teeth, her cheeks dirty and her dark hair flung wildly about her head.

"They found another one," she growls, excitement sparkling in her eyes. "They found another one of those demons and they're burning the hell out of her! Come on!" Coralie jumped to her feet, the brown material that wrapped her body flapping, threatening to uncover her body. She wrenches at the material and pulls it tighter around her, eyeing me with suspicion as i sit and watch her with my mouth open.

"You watching or what?" she hissed, and left my tent.

The End

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