I gathered up my bag, packing my gear the whole way to the top. We we're all celebrating when Coach came into the locker room. He banged a ball up against the concrete blocks to get our attention we all stop what we're doing an look up at him. 

"Well ladies, that's a sweet victory!" He replied with a big smile followed by us all agreeing. 

"I want you girls to do me a favor." He all looked at him with anticipation. "I want all you guys to ride home with the student section." He was stopped by all us screaming. "But, I want you to ride through the school parking lot." We all looking at him skeptically. 

"Why coach?" I asked for everyone. 

"Just trust me." He winked then left the locker room. 

We all quickly packed up the rest of our things and went back to the field where most fans were still residing. When I walked up the steps to the dugout, and out on the field I saw my parents. I smiled and made my way over as fast as I could. 

"You did so good!" My mom said hugging me tight. 

"Thanks mom." I replied trying to breathe through the tightness of her grip. 

When she finally let go, I looked at my daddy who hadn't stopped smiling since I saw him. I hugged him tight and I heard him say, "I'm proud of you kid." 

I stepped back and handed my bag to my parents. "I'm riding home with Cory. All of us are going home with the boys." 

As I said that Cory came over, he shook my daddy's hand, and then said hello to my mother. "You ready to go? The boys and I have a surprise for all of you." He said with his million dollar smile. 

I nodded and right as we were about to leave, my daddy called him over. I saw them exchange some words, and then shake hands. He soon was back at my side, and I looked at him wanting him to tell me what my daddy had just said to him. 

"He told me that if I wrecked and hurt you that I was better off to kill myself before he got there. The usual." He smiled. 

I rolled my eyes because my daddy had a new line for Cory every time we went someone together. We soon made it to Cory's truck, and we both jumped in, waiting for the rest of the guys to come. When everyone was ready we made our way, processing to the school. 

"So do you know why we're going to the school?" I asked turning down the radio.

Cory just smiled and nodded. 

"You don't plan on telling me do you?"

He just shook his head. I knew that Coach was up to something. 

*   *   * 

A couple miles before we reached the school the whole procession pulled into snake hole. I looked at Cory, but he hadn't said a word since we left Penn State. He just drove with a gooney smile on his face, and held my hand. 

"Get out with me please." He said shutting off his truck, and getting out. 

I shot him a look, rolled my eyes, and proceeded out of the truck. When I looked behind his truck all of the girls were getting out of the cars. What the hell is going on?  All the guys came together, and I was really wondering what was going on now. 

The End

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