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As the final days of my junior year approached, there was only one thing on my mind. What was going to happen this summer? He had her to spend every day with, and no longer me. She was going to be the one to hear all his problems, and not me. I was his best friend. I was supposed to hear, and listen to all his problems, and not his girlfriend. I am the one he's supposed to turn to.

As the final days of my junior year approached, there was only one thing on my mind. What was going to happen this summer? He had her to spend every day with, and no longer me. She was going to be the one to hear all his problems, and not me. I was his best friend. I was supposed to hear, and listen to all his problems, and not his girlfriend. I am the one he’s supposed to turn to. 

I sat behind him in English, and as soon as we were done with what we were doing for the day, the first thing he did was turn around. We’d always talk for the last minutes of class, and for the rest of the day he was on my mind. And then before Spanish, we’d walk together as he went to Chemistry. 

During wrestling season is when we got the closest. Him and his “lovely” girlfriend had been fighting so he texted me so he could talk about it. So we talked about him and Lucy. Then I asked him for condoms for a gag gift for my best friends birthday. So he texted me then to see what she said. It was odd for awhile always texting him, and then one day it hit me. I was in love with my best friend. 

We soon talked about what it would be like with no Lucy, if we would’ve given us a try. And then there was the “You’re the only one who truly understands me”, and “If there was no Lucy in the picture, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’d be mine”. But then things came to a halt as we began to fight. And I mean fight. Screaming at each other down  the hallway, crying in English class, not talking to each other in between classes. It was ugly, and then one day it just all stopped. 

The only reason it stopped is because one day  while we were having our daily fight I just screamed over him, "I love you! That's why I care so much!". He said nothing just walked over to me, and kissed me. That was the first time in all the years of our friendship that we had ever kissed. 

My name is Melia Price, and I'm 17. I'm finishing my junior year at Susquehanna High School.  My best friend's name is Cory Robertson. Cole's girlfriend, Lucy Anderson, she goes to a school about a half hour away from us, River Dale High School. And what makes me hate her more, is that River Dale, is our biggest rival in all sports.

 All the athletes in our school pick on Cory for dating her, mostly because all of us hate River Dale people, and they hate us. It's almost like a family feud, but so much worse. There are constant fights, egging of each others buses, and of course don't forget the spray painting of each others school, and fields.  It's one nasty rivalry. Lucy and I play against each other in softball and volleyball. So of course we're a little competitive when it comes to facing each other. I'm the starting weak side hitter, and she's the starting setter. I'm the starting pitcher, and she's their starting catcher. We couldn't be more opposite. 

Also since it's the end of the year, the state championships for softball are coming up tomorrow, and you can bet we're going to working harder and harder just pull out the win over River Dale. The game is at the University of Pennsylvania's (Penn State) stadium because we have so many people come, that we need as many seats as we can get. Last year we filled the whole stadium. The last two years we've come home with the win, but that doesn't mean that River Dale is just going to lay down and play dead, their going to fight, but we fight back harder. 

The next day…

I woke up that morning pumped for the states game, ready to right then. I got my shower, curled my hair, and put my make up on. I went into my threw on my jersey. Man, did I love putting on that red, white and blue, and any athlete can expect the whole school to be wearing red, white and blue on the day of a River Dale game. Since we were leaving early Cory was picking me up so I didn't have to leave my truck sitting at the school all day after I left. I heard the honk of Cole's horn, and ran down stairs.

"Love you mom, love you dad!" I said kissing them both heading for the door.

"Love you too! Good luck!" my mom yelled

"Remember, stand up kid!" My dad added referring to my pitching. 

I ran out the door bat bag in hand towards Cory's truck. I threw my bag in the bed, and headed for the door. I looked at his back window that had Melia # 22 on it I'm sure Lucy would not be happy about. I laughed before climbed into the truck. I looked at the back seat windows that had Susquehanna Warriors on one side and "Let's Go Melia!" on the other. I climbed into the passenger seat to see Cole dressed in his blue baseball warm up, and red sweat pants, and white nike sneakers.

"I love all the stuff on the windows!" I said putting on my seat belt. 

He pulled off his red baseball hat, and I saw that he had shaved his head into a mohawk, and had my number in shaved into the back of his head, and his mohawk was died red. "Like it?" He asked laughing

"More like love it!" I said kissing him on the cheek. 

"Well I love you and that jersey!" he replied kissing me in the lips. 

"How do you think your wonderful girlfriend will like your windows?" I asked with sarcasm clearly in my voice.

"This is the plan, if you win, I dump Lucy, and be forever yours but, " he smiled and pausing trying to give me a heart attack, "If you loose, which is impossible, I dump Lucy." 

"So I win no matter what?"

"Of course babe! You always win!" He replied finally leaving and headed for school. 

We made our way to school screaming country songs both pumped up for the day ahead of us. Half way to school Cole took hold of my hand, with a smile, then continued on singing. When we pulled into the school all we could see was red, white, and blue! 

"So I convinced my starting nine, to shave their heads, and put the numbers of your starting nine." He said shutting off the truck. "Just to let you know, our student section is going to be a little crazy!"

"Good," I laughed, "The crazier the better!" I finished jumping out of the truck. 

I shut the door, and grabbed my bat bag out of the bed, before Cole and I preceded into school. On the way in we passed my best friend, and catcher Sofie Johnson, and her boyfriend also best friend of Cole's and his catcher Chance Williams. 

"Hey!" Sofie called as we passed. "Cory, I loved the mohawk number idea, genius!"

"I know he is! Are you pumped?" I asked very excited

"I'm ready to kick a bitches ass!" She replied back with the same excitement.

All the girls sports always say "Beat The Bitches!" because River Dale's mascot is a Bull Dog. A female dog is a bitch, therefore, beat the bitches! 

Cory and I walked over to our lockers, which were side by side. I shoved my bat bag into my locker, and we made our way to first period. While listening to the announcements we all heard something very interesting. 

"Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform everyone that today will only be a half day, so we can support our Lady Warriors in the State Finals against the Lady Bulldogs of River Dale! Hope to see everyone there! Thanks!" And the announcement ended. 

Everyone started to cheer, as the announcement ended. Now that right there was school spirit. I just couldn't wait until 11, so I could get out of school, and go to the game. The game was at one an everyone was now getting out at noon, just so they had enough time to make it to the game.

A couple periods later, I sat in front of Cory and couldn't sit still, I was so pumped for the game. I kept looking at the clock, and looking at the clock. It was 10:44, in one minute Mr. White would let us talk. Just one minute. Finally Mr. White looks up front his desk.

"Alright, it's 10:45, y'all can talk!" 

Cole immediately whipped around.  "Are you pumped?"

"I can't even sit still!" 

"I can't believe that they're letting us out early!" 

"I know! That's awesome to have the whole schools support!"

We continued talking, until the bell rang at 11. Cory and I hurried to our lockers so I could get going. I put away my book, and binder, then ripped on my bag until it finally spilled out of my locker. I shut my locker, and looked towards Cory. He grabbed my sides, and pulled me in closer to him. 

"I love you, and you're going to do great!" 

"Your ass better be cheering for me, and only me!" I said teasingly

"You know it!" 

"I gotta go, love you too." I said as I hugged him. 

When we broke away he grabbed my hand and led me into an empty hallway. I gave him a look of question, he just smiled.

"What the hell are we doin in this hallway?" I asked

"This." Cory leaned towards me, and our lips met in the middle. 

"Oh, I see!" I said as we broke away. "I gotta run! Love you!" 

"Love you too." He waved as I turned back around to see. 

When I got on the bus, everyone on the team was waiting for me. I just smiled and plopped down in the seat. Everyone was just smiling and looking at me, they all knew where I was. Coach just looked at me and smiled. 

"I know what you were doing Miss Price!" Sofie said as the bus started. 

"The same thing you and Chance were doing!" I laughed pushing her jokingly. 

Sofie came and sat with me and we started jamming out to our music as we got ourselves pumped up even more. We were singing and dancing in our seat, everyone always laughed at us on the way down. We were always the entertainment for the bus on the way there and back, we'd find ways to make bus rides fun.

When we pulled in River Dale wasn't even there yet. It was 11:30, so we had a half hour to get ready before having to go out on the field and start to warm up. We ran into the locker room, and of course I had my iHome with me, so we had to have music that would pump us up. The majority of us listened to country but it was tradition that we started two years ago that we listen to LMAFO Radio on someone's Pandora Radio to get us pumped up. So the first thing I did was put it on. Party Rock Anthem came on and we all started singing and dancing while changing. 

Song after song the more pumped up we got. We were at such a high, that it was impossible to bring our energy down. At 12 o'clock exactly we all came busting out of the locker room with our mitts and immediately went into playing catch. 

When we had finished warming up, and River Dale took the field we still we pumping each other up. I went to warm up my arm for pitching and Sofie kept complaining that I was hurting her hand. I didn't realize that I was even throwing that hard. I ran in from the bull pen, and as ready to play right there. When the refs called for captains Sofie and I pulled everyone in to have a quick talk with everyone. 

"Alright, are we gonna let a bunch of bitches beat us?" I asked

"I think not!" Sofie said

"Are we going to let them take the win away from us?" 

"Hell no!" 

"Ladies, let's go out there and beat some bitches, if you know what I mean?"

"Alright, get your mitts, we are home!" Coach Breon called as he ran back into the dug out. 

We all grabbed our mitts, and sunglasses and all met outside the dugout. We all put our mitts in the middle of us and made a circle around them. We all put our arms on each others back, and started to rock back and forth. We started slow, and made our way up to a fast pace. Then we started our chant.

Hey warriors?


Are you ready?


You ready? 




Break it down!


Break it down! 


A na na na na!

Then we started the beat.

That's one, that's one! Uh!


That's two, that's two! Uh!


That's three, that's three! Ay!

Warriors on two!

One, two warriors!

Clap. Clap.

After we finished, we came back in for Coach Breon's pre game pep talk, as we liked to call it. 

"You guys know what to do. We've been here before. No matter how crazy it gets in here, we stay composed and focused! I mean it too. We don't need a River Dale, Susquehanna football game again. Now that was ugly! Now stay on this line so they can announce your name then take your position. Protect our house on three. One, two three!"

"Protect our house!" 

After saying this phrase our student section went insane! None of us realized how big our fan section or even how big our student section was until this moment of insanity. All the red, white and blue, it was a very awesome sight, and it was very touching for all of us to see all of our support.  

"Now let's start with the away team line up, the Lady Bull Dogs!" The announcer called. 

Their student section erupted into a constant "barking" as we called it. We looked to our student section. They all had a newspaper in their hands blocking their view from anything. I knew this was an idea of the football team, because they had done something similar for the volleyball game. 

"Now, for your returning champions line up, The Lady Warriors!" 

Our fans once again went nuts! We looked up again and now they all had toy hatchets in their hand and they were doing the chop. 

"Leading off and playing left field, senior number 44, Zoey Thompson! Playing short stop and batting second, senior number 5, Ava Jones! Batting third and playing second base, sophomore number 19, Maddie Brown! Pitching, and batting fourth, junior number 22, Melia Price!" After the announcer said my I looked to Cory, who tore off his shirt and had my number on his chest. 

"Batting fifth, and catching, junior number 00, Sofie Johnson! Playing third base, and batting sixth, freshman number 12, Chloe Miller! Batting seventh, playing center field, sophomore number 45, Charlotte King! Playing first, and batting eighth, junior number 4, Lily Taylor! And finally, batting ninth and playing right field, senior number 7, Natalie Harris!" 

We all took the field and Coach Breon came out to the mound like always watching me warm up. I threw all my breaking balls, so they were on their toes, not knowing what I was going to through next. 

"Coming down!" I called to the fielders.

They threw in the two balls that they were warming up with, and I began to throw my last warming up pitch. After the ball left my hands, I ducked so Sofie could throw the ball down to Ava, who was at second. After catching the ball and making the tag, she tossed it back to Maddie, who brought the ball in. Everyone else continued into the circle. I gave everyone a high five then they went back to their positions. Then I turned to Sofie.

"Alright, just stay ahead in the count. You're gonna kick ass." She told me through her mitt before returning to behind the plate. 

As the innings past, the score was still 0-0 by the top of the sixth. It had been a three up, three down inning for both sides. I was striking out at least one and inning and so was Rachel, the River Dale pitcher. 

At the top of the sixth the first batter up was Rachel, I had already struck her out once, and I wanted so badly to do it again. She stepped into the box, and I look to Sofie for the call. She calls a screwball, which I had struck her out with the last time. I step on the mound, get my grip, and start my wind up. I threw the pitch and she hit it. Gap shot, deep left-center, solid double. I regroup, and step back on into the circle. I looked for the call, curveball. I get my grip and start my wind up. I throw the pitch, and the girl hit the ball right up the right field foul line, Nat drove, but it hit off her glove, and rolled into the corner. I looked, and Rachel would easily score. 

The next two batters up I struck out with three pitches each. This was the inning that we needed to make something happen. The score was 0-1 River Dale, and none of us liked that. It was the top of the order, and this was the time that we needed to get the student section to go nuts. I got Cole's attention, and made and upward motion and mouthed louder. He gave me a thumbs up, and brought everyone in the section into a huddle. Everyone sat down, and Cole went to the front. Cole pointed up, and the whole student go up. Then he quickly pointed from side to side, and the student section was yelling as they went from side to side. I knew what they were doing, the roller coaster. 

 I got the rest of my team going. We were all cheering for the top of the order, as all three got on base. Zoey slapped a short chopper, and with her speed she got on. Ava bunted to move the runner and ended up on by and error. And then, Rachel walked Maddie to load the bases. And I was next up to bat. I looked back at Lucy and smiled as I settled into the box.  

"You ready to strike out Price?" I heard her say

"I let my bat do the talking Anderson." I replied stepping the rest of the way in the box kicking a little dirt her way.

I worked the count fouling off stuff that I didn't want when I got myself in a 3-2 count. I knew I was going to get something good, because she didn't want to walked me sending in the tying run. I looked to Coach, who was giving me the typical sign, the bullseye. He meant only swing at something in the red. I took a deep breath, and stepped into the box. I heard the Susquehanna Cherokee beat start up in the dugout, then erupting in the stands. Bum, bum, bum, bum, BUMP, bum, bum, bum, bum, BUMP, bum, bum, bum, bum. Then the student section started the chanting the second part called the chop. ohhhhhhhhh. Oh, oh oh oh. Oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh oh. Ohhhhhhh. Oh, oh oh oh. Oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh oh.

I saw Rachel shake her head, and started to wind up. I loaded all my weight to the back of my legs, and there it was. The pitch in the red. I swung, and make contact. I took off running, and before I got to first I looked up and I saw what ever hitter wanted to see, the ball going over the left field fence! I threw my hands in the air, I pointed to Cory who was jumping up and down, and yelling along with the rest of the fans. I had just hit a grand slam! Even though I didn't have to I sprinted around the bases. When I rounded third I gave Coach Breon a high five, and I saw the whole team at the plate. I ran as fast as I could the rest of the way to the plate. I stomped on the plate I looked to Lucy. 

"I told you my bat does the talking." 

I heard the student section erupt into a chant. "MELIA PRICE! clap. clap. clap, clap, clap MELIA PRICE! clap. clap. clap, clap, clap.

Unfortunately, there were no more runs scored in the top of the seventh. But we did our damage. Going into the bottom of the seventh, it was 4-1. I asked Coach who was up first before heading out to the field. 

He just said one word. "Top." I smiled and ran out to the mound. 

No one in the top of the order had done anything today, but they weren't going to give up that easily. I was ready for the challenge. Excited even, I was ready to take home yet another title. I finished warming up and Sofie threw the ball down and came out for one more pep talk. 

"Let's get them now, cause I don't want to bat again!" 

"As long as I get Lucy, nothing else matters!" I replied through my mitt. 

She gave me a high five, and retreated back to the plate. I got on the mound and waited for the challenge ahead of me. I looked to Sofie for my sigh, rise ball. I get my grip and throw the pitch. Pop up, right to Lily, 1 out. I step on the mound again, and get my sign. Fastball inside, bunt, back to me. That was out number two. The Lady Bull Dog's only had one more out before being defeated once again, and guess who was up next, Lucy. 

A short while later, the count was 3-2. I had thrown over 10 pitches to her, she was fouling off all my junk. I took a deep breath, just wanting to end this. I heard the Cherokee starting up in the stands and in the dugout. I looked into the dugout, no one in sight without something in their hands. They were all doing the beat against the top of the dugout. I smiled and stepped on the mound. I put on my game face, and looked Lucy dead in the eye, she had determination in her eyes. I looked at Sofie's finger signaling a rise ball. I shook my head yes at her. I felt my grip in my mitt, and started my wind up. 

My heart was pounding out of my chest. I had adrenaline pumping throughout my entire body. My mind was just wandering about what would happen to this pitch. The pitch left my hand, and it goes right up in the top of the strike zone, Sofie framed the pitch to make it even better. Lucy looked back at the umpire. 

"Strike Three!" The umpire called signaling the third and final out of the state final game. 

I threw my mitt and in air and ran towards Sofie to give her a hug! The rest of the team emptied the dug out and started running towards me. I looked to Lucy who was throwing her helmet, and bat around in the dugout. Before I could look towards Cory, the rest of the team was on top of me. We were all screaming and carrying on before Coach Breon made them get off of me. We all lined up to shake hands with the River Dale girls. I went through and hit everyones hand, and when I passed Lucy, I patted her back while I hit her hand. When we crossed paths, she purposely dropped her shoulders into me. 

They now let the fans down on the field and Cory ran passed Lucy, and came right to me. He picked me up holding me tighter. He was spinning me around in circles, then I kissed him on the cheek. 

"The grand slam, awesome!" He said hugging me more. "It was a line drive the whole way out!" 

"I pointed to you for a reason!" 

"I love you!" 

"Oh sweetie, I love you too!" Lucy said behind me. 

"Oh, hi Lucy, we need to talk."

"What about?"

"It's over."

"What? Whatever I was done with you the second I saw you rip off your shirt!"

"I love you babe!" I said kissing him.

The End

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