My name is spots

My name is spots and i life in a faraway lanf dough this days i only live in the memories of my owner,but this the end of this story not its beginning.As i was saying,my name is spots and i am or was a dog.Not any dod i was a stray dog until this little one found me on the streets in her hometown and against her mothers judgment she took me home,she was fiercefull in the defence of her animals,besides she knew her father would back her up...

I am no longer a puppie and i am quite big in fact if i stand on my paws i am much bigger than her,but i don`t do that often i know as any good dog knows how to confort our owners.And this little girl owns my heart,she is my best friend.

We often are seen seating together,my head rest on her lap while she reads her books or when she is doing her homework.

One day she came to me.Her face was all red from crying and she put her arms around me and she hold me very strongly.She was very sad,but she didn`t speak about what was upsetting her. 

She just stood there and cried for a long time,that night she refuse to go to sleep on her own,her mother picked a blanket and let her sleep by my side  in the living room,from that day onwards she didn`t smile much but she never stop rescuing any animal in perish.She stopped arguing with her mother and talking to any of her relatives,in fact she became so quiet that when she spoke they all paid attention,her mother didn`t argue back because when she spoke she made sure she knew what she was fighting for,it normally was about animals and her books ,the rest she didn`t even bother.

I use to wonder what had happen that day,now i am dead i now,i wish i could go back and bit them where it hurts,i miss my owner,she was and still his my best friend.

My name his spots i live in dogs heaven...

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The End

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