What A Tale My Pet Could Tell

What tale could your pet tell if it could talk? What amazing and amusing adventures would your pet entertain you with? How do animals look at their pet humans?

My name is Rufus, and I am a very handsome fellow of the feline variety. Have I got a story for you, you silly human!

You think you've got it made with all your buzzy wuzzy contraptions and appliances, that help you do everything.

Well, I've got a question for you. Can you lick your own nether regions? I think not!

Mom, mom look at me. I'm talking to You!  Just because you're only human doesn't mean you have to be entirely stupid.

You keep picking me up, petting me, asking what's wrong. I keep trying to tell you, but you're not listening.

I want to go out and kill something!!

Let me out let me out let me out!!

 No,I am not having a seizure. I like running around in circles till I get dizzy and throw up.

No that is not a hairball. That's my last victim.

Oh. the door is open. Yaaaay. Bye bye

The End

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