What a lunatic sees?

Explore the deepness of a lunatic's so called worthless and retarded mind and discover the difference between normal and lunatic observation.

You are right my friend,

I am a lunatic.

Yes, just a fanatic.

With no good judgements,

With absurd things to say.

Because they say I am a lunatic.


I can't distinguish things,

I can't differentiate feelings.

The grand mansions seem smaller for me,

But, pontoon huts seem bigger for me.

I see the rich as poor,

But, poor as rich.

Because they say I am a lunatic.


The great temples, churches are shrines are nothing for me,

I see no gods in them, nothing at all,

But, I see god in those innocent souls.

I see no modernization, 

But I see demoralization.

Because they say I am a lunatic.


But they never care my feelings,

They are always busy,

Busy in their business,

Busy in their uneasiness.

I know that one day,

They will need me,


One day they’ll need a lunatic’s guidances,

To come out of the grievances.

But, alas! I would have long gone,

To experience something they won’t.

To heaven, where at least god of my heart will listen me.

Lived in hatred died in sacred, what a worthy life!

Because they say I am a lunatic.




The End

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