What a blind man dreams

“C’mon, Mike, were gonna be late for school!” shouted Lily to me in her honey sweet voice.  She wasn’t only my girlfriend, but my only friend.  She accepted me for who I was; a blind boy.

            “Well, I can only catch up so fast!  Plus, we have an excuse.  I’m blind, and you have to guide me.  I’m not old enough to guide myself with a cane just yet.” I replied with a grin.

            She quickly came back as I said that, remembering that I was blind.  She guided me to her house, where her mom was sitting in her car waiting to take us to school because my parents worked nonstop just to be away from the “different” guy.  Lily’s family was pretty much my family.  I hung around there after school every day, then went and slept in my bed.  My room was the only place in the house I was welcome; in my head, in my dreams.  The only place outside there was Lily.

            “Sorry, I forget you’re not like any other kid…” She said sheepishly.  That’s what I liked about her; she accepted me for who I was, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The End

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