Wet Your Whistle & Get BombedMature

"Marlon, you were due on ten minutes ago!"

Shit.  Ten minutes late and I can't remember a fucking chord! Maybe I shouldn't have taken those last two pills...

"Pull yourself together mate, the audience are getting restless"

Sometimes it helps to keep them waiting. Sometimes it doesn't. Take the Glasgow incident of '07. Not pretty.

"Marc's gonna walk unless you get your arse off the floor, we're not going on without you again!"

Right it's now or never. Maybe a quick line to get me going. No! I need to focus! Time to show those fuckers at the daily mail what a fucked up junkie can do.

"Shit mate, they're throwing bottles out there. Any longer and I'm not gonna have a kit to play. Are we playing here or what?"

The End

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