Westerfield: Chapter 14

“Dear lord, thank you for giving us both health and the life needed to enjoy such a hearty meal. Please continue to watch over us with your all-knowing abilities and guide us through any obstacles that come into our paths. Amen.” Placing her hands down on the table Alana smiled brightly at Samuel. “I hope it tastes alright Sam.”


They ate in relative silence at first before the flavor of the dish really hit Sam. His eyes widened as a look of joy came across his face. “MMMM, this is heavenly Alana! Just like my mother’s!” His remark caused her to smile again, lighting up the dining room even more. The room was filled with antiques, dark cherry wood floors and wainscoting. Lightly faded red damask wallpaper gave the room warm, the design highlighted by the candlelight from the overhead gas chandelier. Also in the room were two grand French doors that led outside to the back porch. They were covered by sheer white draperies and framed with heavy red over drapes. The drapes were pulled back and secured in place with heavy gold braided draw ties.


They continued their dinner and started up a conversation, mostly about the bookstore. Once she felt that the timing was all right, Alana decided to breach the subject of Samuel’s conversation with Jenkins. “So…” She spared a glance at him over the top of her glass. “What did you and Jenkins speak about Samuel?” He blinked a spoon full of jambalaya at his lips and answered her truthfully. “He told me that my paperwork had been processed.” At her quizzical look Samuel grinned.”I made you the benefactor in my will.”

The End

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