Westerfield: Chapter 12

“Just remember this Samuel, I love challenges. Your little sparrow has a love of the twilight, and despite everything you’ll try to do, I will obtain her.” His words were left hanging in the early evening’s dampening air as he jumped over the railing of the porch, running with ease towards the forest and slipping into the darkness beneath the trees. Their full branches and large leaves concealed many secrets of the forest, secrets that only Samuel and Obarin knew.

One of these secrets the brothers knew of within the forest was a system of pathways that spanned the entirety of their family's original estate. The family had used the paths to have quick access to the plantation, keeping fresh horses in stables every so often along the way. Through the tree line by Samuel's house, there was such an old pathway. This trail connected the plantation house to the Westerfield Manor, and Samuel had used it often whenever he went to visit Obarin to check up on his big brother.

When Samuel had left Westerfield during the industrial age, bother brothers felt isolated. They realized that without each other, they could not survive in the world where their story was legend. It was this main fact that kept both on the family's plot. Samuel eventually returned to stay on his family’s land after all, living at his favorite hideaway and visiting with Obarin during his good days. On his bad days...well Samuel disliked visiting his brother when he was covered in the vile stench of suffering. Obarin delighted in the sickening smell of fear and death.

Samuel stood from the rocker, his entire body taunt with adrenalin at his new goal. Damn Obarin for playing games! He viewed everything as a way to spice up his immortality...while Samuel was mortal, he did age very slowly. His elder brother exploited this weakness of Samuel's driving him crazy every time he failed to save another person from harm at Obarin's hands.

Sighing while moving to the railing and gripping the wood with his hands, Samuel's knuckles turned white as a sign of his distress over the situation. He watched the edge of the forest to make sure his brother had stayed deep within the trees before letting out another tired sigh and placing a strained smile on his face. He needed to relax before going inside to Alana, for she was far more intuitive then what was probably good for her. Samuel‘s smile returned to almost completely normal as he let his hands fall from the railing.


Before he entered his house, Samuel hummed softly as he watered the hanging ferns on the front porch. On the outside, anyone who saw him would think nothing was wrong, but Samuel knew different. He knew the fact his elder brother had taken an interest in Alana could only end in something very bad happening to her. He worried that Obarin would corrupt and destroy the sweet girl. However, Samuel would do his best to keep that from happening.

After finishing watering the plants, Samuel went to his mailbox, gathering the day's post and heading inside. He turned slowly, with his eyes giving one last wearily cast glance at the tree line, the elderly man headed inside his home. As he opened the door, Samuel’s nose was hit with the sweet and spicy fragrance of Alana’s jambalaya, mixed with the soft smell of hundreds of cut flowers. The fragrances mixed nicely with each other and soothed his soul as he finally felt the relaxation begin to sweep over him. In his relaxation however, Samuel's grip on the door slipped, causing it to slam shut. He blushed softly and headed to the kitchen, passing by many vases of flower arrangements from his garden.

The End

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