Westerfield: Chapter 10

The sky became filled with the golden-pink light of the setting sun, which lasted in Westerfield for a good while. With the forest, surrounding the back of Samuel’s home, Alana always felt calm and relaxed at the end of each day. The peacefulness of her surroundings at dusk always left Alana with a smile on her lips no matter how harrowing her day had been. Together she and Samuel walked up the garden pathway to the steps of the front porch. The path was made of yellow sandstone, and curved slightly as it moved towards the steps from the driveway. Samuel’s late wife had been an avid gardener, planting many roses, white tulips, lilies, carnations, azalea bushes and begonia flowers in the gardens. Alana loved gardening and she could only gawk at the talent Samuel’s wife had processed in the laying out of the gardens. They were exquisite and one of her favorite parts of the house.


Alana sighed softly and closed her eyes, breathing in deeply the strong, yet sweet smell of the flowers closest to the wrought iron banister of the front steps. The steps themselves where made of a lighter maple wood, the same shade of the wood on the front porch and the beams that supported the overhang. The banister was topped with maple wood, tying in the look of the home and protecting the iron from most damage due to use. Her palm slid slowly along the smooth surface of the wood as she ascended the stairs, Samuel walking behind her a step or two.

As they reached the top of the stairs and stood on the front porch, Samuel stepped in front of Alana and grinned at her. “I’ll get the mail if you promise to get working on dinner, which should keep me out of your hair for a bit Alana. I know it annoys you when I pester the cook.” He grinned more at her, opening the front door for her and ushering her in.

“Get on inside, I’ll stay out on the porch and water the ferns as well. I’ll come inside when I smell that delicious dinner you’ve got planned for tonight.” Samuel ushered Alana inside again, practically pushing her in an attempt to get her safely inside. He was slightly panicked and tense as he could feel the presence of his brother. Shutting the door behind her before turning and walking towards a rocking chair that faced the forest Samuel held a grim expression on his face.

Frowning he looked up from the chair to the trees, noticing a familiar set of crimson eyes. Muttering an oath under his breath, he gave an annoyed glare towards his brother. “We agreed only to visit at the Manor. What has brought you to my home Obarin? If it is the girl, then leave her be. She knows nothing and has no part in your vendetta against the people of this town.” Samuel sat down in the rocker, blinking his eyes wearily as he did. In the moment that Samuel blinked, Obarin made his way to the porch, leaning against the maple support beam as he sat on the railing. Obarin sat with ease, his one leg hanging down, his foot almost touching the flooring of Samuel's porch. His other leg was pulled close to him, bent and his arm rested on his knee.

Obarin's posture was arrogant; he lounged on the banister as if he owned the world, as it were Samuel who was the guest instead of the host. With a smirk, he looked to his younger brother and outright laughed at him. His laugh was harsh and deep, contaminated by his evil deeds, the pitch held no lightness to it. The laugh reverberated through the air, causing the birds nesting in the willow tree by the pond in Samuel’s back yard to take flight.

Alana was in the kitchen, and working on the dinner for that night when the birds took flight, causing her to jump and peer out the window at the crazy sight. Back on the front porch, however Samuel however was stoic, his eyes were locked with his brother’s a frown still lingered on his features. “Why are you here Obarin?” His question was answered with a grin and a nod towards the house.

The End

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