Westerfield: Chapter 9

With the placement of the curfew, Obarin’s stock of prey was greatly dwindled. Over the centuries, Obarin watched Samuel fall from the grandeur of the Westerfield name, not living in the manor but in a much smaller plantation house less than a mile away. Samuel had another brother, Tobias. Tobias was the male version of Emilie; only he was mortal, aging about the same as his father did. Tobias met his end at the hands of the militia that attacked the Westerfield manor, a sword stabbing through his heart as he tried to protect his mother. The horrible way that the militia cut down their brother scared both Obarin and Samuel, causing them to form a close bond. Their bond was one that would only be separable by death. The only one who lived in Westerfield and knew of Samuel's family was Mr. Jenkins, but he only knew that Samuel had a brother somewhere in the world. Lore was a very sensitive topic in Westerfield, and The Westerfield family heritage made the lore what it was.


Samuel blinked and spared a glance out the window before nodding towards Alana in acknowledgement of her observation. His eyes seemed to shut an extra millimeter as they scanned over the edge of the woods visible from the store. He was checking for any signs of his brother, knowing Obarin would be coming out to play as the sun set.

“Correct as usual, I see. Here, let us be off to find something warm and delicious to place in our bellies!” Samuel grinned at Alana, turning his attention towards her as he addressed the young lady. He was a cheerful and lively old man as a warbling noise issuing from his stomach made his hunger known.”Will you cook dinner when we get home Alana? I know you are a very good cook, one that’s spoiled this old man greatly.” Samuel grinned and motioned to himself before patting his stomach lightly, causing Alana to chuckle softly at his actions.

”I’ve got half the mind to eat some more of that jambalaya you make so well Alana.” She smiled and giggled softly, placing a hand up by her mouth to hide her mirth. As she giggled, Alana's shoulders shook, causing Samuel to stick out his tongue at her."Sure, sure, laugh at the half-starved elderly." When she heard the tone he was using she smiled and took a deep breath in before addressing him again.

“Well Samuel, I might just have half the mind to make some more of that jambalaya you enjoy so much!” Fighting off more giggles, Alana turned off the lights of the main store, the buzzing of their fluorescent bulbs coming to a cease as the current was disrupted. She slowly brought her finger from the light switch to the doorknob, turning to Samuel as he walked up to her. Holding out her arm, Alana smiled as Samuel hooked his arm with hers. “Let’s be going then Sam, the faster we get home, the faster we can have dinner.” Together they walked out of the store, and down the cobblestone street, the heels of their shoes clicking softly as they turned down William Street.

The shadows of the houses and of the pair who were walking down William Street began lengthening as they headed towards Samuel’s home. The home had been a plantation house way back before the civil war, and the owners had taken very good care of it before Samuel bought it. He too took great care of it as well, preserving the home in its original splendor. Samuel and Alana reached the front porch just as the last bit of the sun disappeared behind the tree line.

The End

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