Westerfield: Chapter 8

Their silence is why the entire town of Westerfield never knew that two of the children of Edmund and Emilie survived. Decades and generations passed by, and the memory of the Westerfield family slowly died to myth status. The children returned to their family's estate, well the older son did. He wanted revenge for his mother and older brother and father. The youngest, who took after Emile, well after finding out his brother's plans...he took up the defense of the town. He worked his way up the ladder of politics in Westerfield, aiming to reach a position where no one would challenge him. It helped a great deal that the younger brother looked like Edmund and not his mother.

After few years, years filled with the disappearances of anyone out walking after nightfall Samuel suggested that a curfew be placed upon the town. He had a place on the town council, and a sort of control over the situation. So far, the curfew had survived a few hundred years, and because of it, Samuel had saved many more lives than his brother had destroyed. The curfew was written into law to protect Westerfield from Samuel's vengeful older brother Obarin. For Samuels older brother could only focus on retribution, and Obarin's focus was on the fools of Westerfield that had slaughtered his family. He would destroy their lines, just as they had destroyed his happy family. Obarin waited in the manor, gazing down upon Westerfield. He was back to his old tricks and he had a vendetta.


While they were related the siblings looked nothing alike, nor did they have the same values. Samuel took after his father genetic wise; his appearance being almost an exact copy of Edmund. However, Samuel lacked his father’s cutthroat personality, Edmund had an almost constant need for retribution and his mind contained cruel thoughts and plans to gain more wealth and control. Samuel's mind held thoughts of kindness like his mother.

Samuel did unfortunately inherit his father’s mortality, though it slowed quite a bit because his mother’s immortality. You see, Edmund was a human, with a very negative heart and soul. His wife Emile...She was an angel sent from above to try to bring Edmund love and save his soul. She fell in love with Edmund and softened his heart. They loved each other and their young boys all the same.

Samuel was the youngest of Edmund and Emilie’s three boys, the next oldest was Obarin, the son bent on revenge for his family. Obarin wanted retribution against the generations of Westerfield; he had lurked in the Manor since the death of his parents. He stayed in Westerfield for centuries, watching Samuel leave in secret and then acting on his plans for revenge. Obarin started to steal away the heirs of Westerfield; those fools who did not heed the warnings of the nighttime became his prey.

Obarin had the personality of his father, a cold heart softened only by his mother’s love. He never aged, and was distinguishable by the crimson eyes that turned so dark they appeared black with his anger, and dark red hair that shone in the sun, though he had not gone outside during the day in centuries. When Samuel left Westerfield, Obarin viewed it as a type of betrayal, and when he returned, Obarin vowed to cause upheaval in Samuel’s life, especially after Samuel changed his last name and got that blasted curfew placed over town.

The End

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