Westerfield: Chapter 5

Her features struck him Emilie’s eyes were hauntingly beautiful. She had introduced herself and asked him what had brought him to town. They made small talk, chatting for a bit before Emilie’s second oldest son had run up. Grant had, in that short of while fallen for her. He was dismayed when he found out not only did she have children, but was married already. He smiled and bid Emilie farewell, heading back on the road the next day. His blood boiled at his own impudence, knowing he should have realized a beauty like her was temptation, one that needed to be removed from the people of Westerfield and most importantly, from himself. Upon returning to Westerfield after getting the funds for the building of the church, Grant found himself at wits end. He had volunteered to be the main pastor of Westerfield forgetting that Emilie would also be a part of the congregation. Every Sunday he found himself staring at her as she sat with her three boys in church. His staring however, unnerved Emilie and she stopped attending the services. This did not solve the problem of Grant’s infatuation with her. He longed to see her, and blamed her for his feelings.

Soon his sermons began slandering her name, dropping less then subtle hints that she was not a child of god. His sermons accused Emilie of being a demon and her children, spawn of evil. His conviction and convincing ways stirred the entire town. Not only did the congregation turn a hateful eye to the Westerfields, but also they started to shun them. This hatred and shunning from the town, the slow methodical way that one man caused his family to become miserable, it added to Edmund’s ire. Edmund felt there was no place for religion in his work. He did not have time to make the trip to the church on Sunday, he needed to stay by his animals and care for them. Therefore, when, one Sunday Edmund made an appearance at the church, all over Westerfield stood still.

Never before had Grant met Emilie’s husband until Edmund confronted him about the slander against his family. Edmund looked livid as he spoke with Grant, immediately noticing Grant's jealousy towards him. What started as a polite, man-to-man discussion soon turned into an argument. In his enraged state, Edmund publicly denounced his faith, calling Pastor Grant a god-monger and saying that if by the preacher his family was unholy, there was no place for them in Westerfield. Edmund had every thought of leaving the town after the argument; in fact, the Westerfields were attempting to leave town when they met their end.


As news of Edmund’s denouncement hit the town, the citizens of Westerfield flew into a frenzied chaos, forming a mob and assaulting Westerfield Manor. Grant lead the way with a bible in his hand, calling out that all evil shall leave the land. It was during this chaotic time that Edmund and Emilie feared for their children's well being. They tried to flee, but it was too late. With the sounding of drums, a mob of around twenty-five men stormed into the manor, knocking open the mahogany door and searching for the 'source of evilness'.

The townsfolk say that Emilie’s middle child took a sword trying to protect her from harm. Other than that, no one would elaborate more upon the story. It is almost as though they fear vengeful spirits. I was actually told not to step foot onto the field of the manor…like that has ever stopped me before. Since that stormy night of violence so long ago, the townsfolk tell me no one has entered the manor. I doubt that is true anymore, something is there; I have seen it on my walks.

The End

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