Chapter 25Mature

“You sure?” Alex asked. “No offense, but I’d rather you don’t.”

“None taken, but you’re still on the clock.”

“I know, I know.”

With the register occupied, Alex went back to walking the floor and arranging the shelves, glancing over at the werewolf again every so often. Beyond reading a few trades, he didn’t seem interested in things going on nearby. In the pit of his stomach however, Alex refused to believe that was all he was doing. With Marcus taking a lookout position near the register, he was hoping this guy would leave.

As the minutes, a total of twenty, ticked by, that was not the case. The werewolf moved around the store, only once stopping in a spot where no customers were close-by.

Eventually, with a few customers asking him for assistance, Alex had to break away from watching. They were looking for some older single issues, which thankfully, the werewolf had stepped away from. “I believe we may carry some of that series. Let me check.”

Pulling out the boxes of back issues, the scents of the paper flooding his nose, Alex found the issues they needed. As he kneeled there, the comics in hand, he now wished the store would empty a bit instead. That would give him a chance to approach this guy.

Checking his phone, it was just before 4:30. As he thought about it, if he waited, he’d probably lose his chance to do so. Either because of rush hour or the werewolf leaving. So long as he didn’t make a scene, as Marcus had said, he saw no reason to wait. He had to make sure this guy knew he was in charge.

Returning to the customers, comics in hand, they thanked him and let him get back to work. Looking over to Marcus, and seeing that he was chatting with Gwen, Alex saw an opening. He couldn’t blame his friend for trying to pass the time, but this was his chance.

He approached the werewolf, taking brief glances to be sure Marcus wasn’t looking. With every step, he felt his body shaking and pulling in underneath. As though this guy meant him immediate harm. When he finally stood nearby, his heart pounding, Alex leaned against the glass shelving.

“Can I help you?” The statement came out with no tremors in his voice.

“No. I’m fine.” The werewolf’s response was again neutral.

Unable to settle on an emotion, Alex tried to respond in kind. “So what are you doing here?”

This time, the werewolf looked him in the eyes. Alex felt his jaws tighten and his head lower a bit. “Enjoying myself. Unlike you it seems.”

Keep it together.” Alex exhaled quickly. “Really?”

“What am I doing to you to get you so tense?” the werewolf asked.

The sudden question caught Alex off guard. Everything in him then screamed to be smart with this guy. Or give it to him straight. He was stalking his friends, and he knew it. Licking his teeth again, there were still no fangs.

The End

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