Chapter 25 - The Second EncounterMature

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Moon Phase – First Quarter


Over a few seconds, both of their gazes went back and forth over all the customers; there were eight in total, mostly younger kids with a few adults. Many of them browsing but all of them had their heads and hair exposed; none with black. The person Alex had seen wearing red was in fact a woman in a windbreaker.

Relieved, but also a bit embarrassed, he felt Marcus tap his shoulder, asking if he was hungry as well. “A little” he responded, glad to know his friend hadn’t used the excuse just to intercept him as he’d thought before.

“I’ll grab you a burger from Ruckers, then.”

“Thanks, and medium rare is fine with me.”

However, no sooner had Marcus nodded to him than another customer entered the store. Looking over, Alex saw the face first. He didn’t need to see the hair after that. His attacker had ditched his red hoodie, leaving an untucked T-shirt.

Alex’s pulse went up in seconds, and his arms trembled as the werewolf locked eyes with him. Holding back a growl, he also stopped his tongue from slipping between his teeth. Marcus noticed instantly, but Alex pushed him back a step.

Everything went quiet around him. Or it felt like it.

Twice in four days?

There was no doubt in his mind anymore. This guy was stalking his friends.

“Hey.” Feeling Marcus shake his shoulders, Alex broke eye contact. He didn’t speak however. All of his attention had gone to this guy, even though he was halfway across the store. “Relax, man.”

“How can I?” Alex said, gripping one hand. “He’s right there.”

Marcus looked around briefly. “Don’t start a scene,” He lowered his voice. “and don’t transform.”

Alex licked his teeth after that. No fangs. Trying to take slower breaths, he looked over to his attacker. He was soon browsing the trade hardbacks, standing next to another customer. Simply having him in the store was like having a murderer in his midst. It was something he couldn’t ignore, and trying to do so felt like opening a void behind his ribs.

Looking around, no one had seemed to notice Marcus and him behaving strangely. With his heart still pounding, Alex took one last exhale. When he still didn’t talk, Marcus spoke up. “I’ll stick around and help watch this guy. Just in case.”

The End

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