Chapter 24Mature

While sitting in the back room, a few of the new scents detailed the goings on since he’d been there last. A new shipment of comics had come in, along with what he was sure was a shipment of role-playing books. The sharp binder and paper scents were almost unmistakable. The shelves hadn’t looked too sparse when he came in however, making him guess they were for a promotion.

His first customer came minutes after his shift started. It was someone a bit older than he was. “I noticed you guys had some World of Darkness dice.” he said looking towards one of the shelves. “Do you have the Mage or Werewolf ones?”

“I believe so. Hang on.” Alex replied, shuddering at ‘werewolf’. As he tracked down the sets, one for both games, his eyes diverted to the Werewolf: The Forsaken rulebook spine. “No. What sense does that make?” He thought. As much as he wanted to, he refused to try and gather information from one of those books. It was just a game. The idea however made him smirk a bit.

“We’ve got both in fact.” Alex said, holding out the sets. “I think the Mage ones look cooler though.”

“They are but I’ll get both. How much are they?”

“Nine dollars each, so about…nineteen bucks with tax.”

“Nice. Oh, I’m picking up a copy of this as well.” Reaching into the shelves, his customer pulled out one of the Werewolf rulebooks. A different one than the one he was looking at before.

“Blood of the Wolf?” Alex said after seeing the name on the spine. “Seems kind of on the nose.”

“Have you played the game before?”

“Just Mage. Not Werewolf.”

“Ah. You should. It’s pretty fun, all things considered.”

“I’ll consider it.” Alex said as he took the book in his hands. The cover of it, with all the yellow eyed wolves, immediately caught his eye. “We DM games every week, so maybe someone is running it.”

As his customer left, Alex walked back over to the RPG shelves, picking out another copy of the book. The blurbs on the back described the book as a tome on werewolf biology and physiology, and how they differed from humans. Sighing, Alex replaced the book, even though those blurbs had gotten his attention.

Even if some of the info matched what he knew, the rest of it likely wouldn’t. Shrugging aside his curiosity, he went back to walking the floor, straightening any open spots on the shelves. For the following hour, aside from a single customer asking about a certain game, things were rather uneventful and slow. At least until Marcus walked in.

The End

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