Chapter 24Mature

His folks were already eating lunch when he walked in; ham and turkey sandwiches. Bailey was laying down nearby. “You hungry, son?” his father asked.

“Not right now. I just need a drink.” Alex said as he filled a glass.

“You sure? You’ve been practicing all day.”

With a minute to pause, and the scents of meat now starting to entice him, Alex thought about it. “Uh…sure. Why not?”

Going for the fridge, he found some leftover pizza and set the microwave to warm a few slices. They came out softer but together with a glass of water, it was a nice, hot meal.

As he sat with his folks, his mother picked the time to ask him something. “How did you turn back before? I thought you didn’t know how.”

Alex looked up from a mouthful of the pizza. Although the question didn’t catch him off guard, how late it was in coming was confusing. Remembering how silent his folks had been that night after he changed back, he sort of understood. “I may have been doing things wrong.”

“How so?” his father asked.

“I wasn’t…how do I put this?” Alex said. “I wasn’t, I guess, demanding or tricking myself into changing before.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Me either. I felt something before it happened, but I can’t describe it very easily.”

“But you haven’t felt anything…strange since then?” His mother asked.

“No. Nothing new.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“I’m just glad what I tried worked.” Alex said, a smile appearing on his face.

While he finished off his pizza, he heard his phone starting to ring; it was Trevor. “Alex, would you be able to work tomorrow?” His tone sounded like he was questioning something.

“Yeah, I can work. Are you expecting something that day?”

“No. Daniel called in. He said something family related came up and he needs the day off.”

“OK. Yeah, I’ll be there tomorrow.”

“Great. I’ll put you on for tomorrow at 1:30.”

With an exchange of thanks, Alex hung up. While the idea of Daniel having a run-in with the werewolf came to mind, he found the very idea rather silly. He hadn’t seen any reason why this guy would target his co-workers. He only seemed interested in his friends. Not that that was anything better, or even good.

When Monday finally arrived, Alex sat into his morning classes trying not to think about his attacker too much. A few hours playing Borderlands the night before had helped with that, but a few lingering thoughts simply wouldn’t go away.

Although Nathan sat next to him in their Math class, outside of a few quick smiles and nods, the two didn’t share too many words. Ignoring the little voice in his head nagging him to say something, Alex’s classes went by quickly, leaving him an hour to get some lunch before starting his shift.

Taking a seat in the back of the store after a greeting from a co-worker, Alex relished being back at work. A few hours around the stacks of gaming and comic memorabilia felt like a great way to get his mind off things.

The End

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