Chapter 24Mature

Sunday began with a similar session on his grindbox after lunch. The excitement of the coming event helped encourage him to attempt a flatland trick he’d yet to try. He had seen a few people do it online, but never in person. After refreshing his memory with a few video clips, he pocketed his phone and put his board into a tail-stop position, grabbing the nose and maneuvering it along with his legs and feet.

After several initial attempts of varying success, and some scrapping of his palm from the griptape, he heard his phone beep with another message. This one from Catherine. “You doing OK?” was all she asked.

I am.” Before Alex sent the message, he typed out a second part. “You guys have been pretty quiet recently, though.” Figuring she knew what he was talking about, he sent the text.

There was no immediate reply. After what felt like fifteen minutes, it finally came. “It’s nothing personal. I just don’t know what to say.

I understand. This is pretty out there.

You did look like a sleeping dog that night though.” Catherine added a smiley to the text at the end.

Thanks for reminding me.” Alex texted back, adding a laugh icon at the end.

Well, talk to you later.

You too, Catherine. And thanks.” Pocketing his phone, Alex stepped back onto his board, starting another run from the garage. After riding around for a time, he slid to a stop, holding the tail down and readying for another attempt at the trick.

With his left foot under the deck, he took the nose in the same hand, shifting the board into and past the vertical position. Standing on the truck and kingpin as the nose of the board changed hands, his weight on the tip of the deck’s tail, he felt it tilt forward as he brought it down. His body started to fall forward before he put both feet out to catch himself.

The board clacked between his legs before he flipped it back over. He was close. The balance point was the tricky part, as was flipping the board back around when he found that.

Repeating the moves, he held the board at a slightly higher angle than before. For a second, he thought he felt the deck tilt a bit, his right hand adjusting just in case. Hearing the deck make a cracking noise, he readied himself and leapt off the truck. He rose only an inch or so before flipping the board around. It landed back on the wheels, but the handflip had pulled the deck forward some.

He landed half on the ground and half on the board, his left foot clipping the tail. “Just a few more tries.” Alex thought as he went inside for some water.

The End

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