Chapter 24Mature

“You said it yourself.” Marcus said, once again checking the door. “All you were thinking about was that guy.”

“Yeah. That could explain why I shifted as well.”

“Seemed more like anger to me and Catherine.”

“Maybe, but that’s not what I felt when it happened.” Alex said. “I wanted to be sure he knew you guys weren’t to be touched. Or approached.”

Marcus remained silent, but his expression was clearly on weighing what was said.

At the same time, Alex recalled how Marcus spoke when he said he was going inside to get their meals; he had sounded more determined than angry. Had that rolled over into his attitude for the rest of the night? “Either way, thanks for everything you did for me last night.” Alex extended his hand as he spoke.

“You’re welcome.” Marcus said, returning the shake with a firm grip. “And that game you got me? Awesome. I was playing it nonstop when I got home.”

Alex smirked. That statement made him feel better.

Deciding to hang around the shop for a while, he had time to think as he browsed the trade-ins. What Marcus had brought up was foremost on his mind. Had he acted submissive on instinct? What would that signal to his attacker? That he was afraid of him no matter how he found him? The idea of doing that subconsciously was bad enough.

Another thought flashed through his mind then. Did this guy know about how canines behaved? Thinking on it now, even if he had acted a bit submissive, the only time that happened was when this person stood up as if to face him. He hadn’t completely shirked away from him, something he knew submissive canines did.

Looking over to his friend as he opened another comic, Alex felt a bit hopeful about that.


Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Moon Phase – First Quarter


The rest of Saturday passed quickly after Alex made another run of the locations his friends worked at; neither Nathan nor Catherine were working that day. Something he was pleased to know when he found his attacker’s scent at the bookstore once again. It stopped and pooled near the New Age area at the rightmost side of the store this time, which Alex found unusual at first.

Seeing an influx of books on werewolves, and finding the scent on the spine of one of those books, something crossed his mind. This guy was in the same position as him; was he trying to figure out what to do to bring his lycanthropy under control? He had lasted on just two animals, but this guy had claimed at least eight, if not more.

Remembering how calm he had been when confronted, both at Steakhouse and Nathan’s work place, Alex disregarded the idea of his attacker being weak-willed. Something was driving him. Or he had some kind of agenda. For all he knew, this guy was messing with him right now by leaving his scent on a werewolf book. Replacing it before he flipped too many pages, Alex left the store and headed home, spending the last parts of Saturday practicing for the demo.

The End

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