Chapter 24Mature

Dropping in, he picked up speed and steered towards a rail nearby. Once in the Ollie position, he popped it a few feet from the rail, adjusting both trucks to land on it. They slid along with a hard grinding sound, the high pitches reverberating through his ears.

Once off the rail, he heard his phone beep twice; it was his messenger app. Using one foot as a brake, he checked it only to see someone had sent a friend request. A spambot from the looks of it. Tucking the phone back in his pocket, he kicked off and went back to riding.

As the next hour passed, his skin became more drenched in sweat as did his T-shirt. Several times, he pictured the park when the demo was going on, and a few times wondered if he should do another patrol of the area. If this guy was showing up in First Colony most often, that was where he had his best shot at finding him.

Recalling the scents of cleaning products on his clothing made that theory even more sound. He had to be getting them cleaned somewhere, and this part of town had several businesses for that. Digging his phone back out, he remembered that there was one laundromat a few stores down from the comic shop. Deciding to check there first, Alex gathered his things and made his way there after he was satisfied with his time skating.

Seeing Marcus’ truck outside the store made him hesitant to go inside. The tone he had on his voice the previous night was still on his mind. The only conclusion he could draw was Marcus had gotten angry because he’d shifting during his birthday. A thought that, on reflection, he understood, if only semi agreed with.

Turning the ignition off, Alex slipped out of his helmet and headed inside the laundromat. As soon as the doors opened, his nose was swamped with scents of cleaning products. None of them an immediate match to what he recalled, but to be certain, he walked the entirety of the business. There was a breadth of scents, yet none that seemed familiar.

“OK. One location done.” Alex thought, just before his stomach felt a bit empty. Ordering a medium rare burger from the restaurant next door, he sat outside the comic shop while he ate. All the while, he told himself he had little reason to be nervous about talking to a friend. Until he finished his meal however, he held off on going in.

The End

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