Chapter 24 - Some Time To PauseMature

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Moon Phase – Waxing Crescent


Heading back into the bathroom, his limbs and chest shaking in excitement, Alex got a quick shower and some fresh clothing on shortly afterwards. Despite the soreness of his bones and muscles, the only thing on his mind until he returned to the kitchen was that he’d succeeded at shifting both into and out of his were form. Returning to find his friends and family waiting for him, some of them had very questioning looks on their faces about what had just happened. None hampered the grin on his face.

While riding with his friends to pick up his motorcycle however, his enthusiasm dropped some; all three of them were eerily quiet during the length of the ride. As though they were too afraid to say anything. Judging by their scents, they weren’t afraid. Maybe deep in thought, or thinking about something else.

“Give it some time.” was what Alex said to himself after thanking Marcus for the ride. Waving him and Catherine off, he offered Nathan a quick goodbye and let him leave first. Sitting with his arms over the handlebars, he tried not to let the lengthened silence weigh on him. He’d achieved something great tonight, and went to sleep that night with a smile on his face.

With that Saturday off work, after a quick breakfast, he arrived at the skateshop to a small group of customers and few riders in the park. His ecstasy from the night before was still there as he got a running start and cruised the park for a time. The soreness around his body hadn’t diminished as much as he’d hoped, but he saw no reason to keep himself grounded.

After what felt like half an hour of riding, his legs were feeling weak. Returning to the shop proper to refill his water bottle, he saw Cameron among the crowd still in the store.

“Oh, hey.” he said as Alex walked up. “I saw that you signed up.”

“Yeah. Wouldn’t miss it.” Looking over the sign-in sheet again, Alex saw that only three others had added their names since he’d done so. That made a total of seven. “Huh. Not a whole lot of people taking part though.”

“True, but that means for time for those who are.”

Nodding at that, Alex returned to the park after getting some more water. Sitting in the spectator area, and overseeing the entire park, he felt a bit more relaxed. As though he was in charge of things.

Once his legs felt less tired, his first stop was the quarterpipe directly below the spectator area. With the tail of the board sitting on the coping, his right foot holding it there, he looked over the obstacles in front of him and picked a location for a quick run.

The End

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