Chapter 23Mature

“You look like a sleepy dog doing that.” Catherine remarked.

Alex opened his eyes and looked at her just as Nathan started chuckling under his breath. “Gotta agree there.”

“Well, I’m not rolling over for you, so don’t ask.” Alex said, his muzzle showing a smile.

“Would be pretty easy, though.”

“Very funny. I’ll save that for when I’m human again and Bailey wants to play.” This time, as he laid his head down on the table, the silver bullet clacked against the wood.

“You still have your necklace on?” Catherine asked.

“Yeah.” Alex handled the bullet and chain in his paw. “I’m not sensitive to silver, thankfully.”

“Well, that’s a Hollywood thing. Not something historical.” Marcus said.

“Still, that looks a bit tight on your neck.” Catherine said.

“That’s likely my fur.” Alex said. “A dog collar is like that too.” As he said that, a thought about his necklace acting as a collar went through his head. The idea was ludicrous, but still gave him a chill.

As he let himself relax again, Alex stayed focused on trying to shift back. With his friends around, he thought to remove himself from the room in case he did start changing back. The idea of them seeing him doing so wasn’t a pleasant one. At the same time, even considering that, he knew he had to hurry. Wracking his brain for possibilities, he thought over what he could do. Something had to work, but what?

“Um, you want some privacy?” Catherine asked.

Alex didn’t open his eyes. “No. You’re fine. I’m just trying to think of something.”

“Maybe we can help?”

“How exactly?” Marcus asked.

Alex responded then. “I’d appreciate that. The sooner I’m human, the better.”

“Why’s that? You seem just fine to me.”

“Oh, crap.” Alex thought, going for his first response afterwards. “I’d rather not say.”

“You can tell us.” Nathan assured him. “I mean, you told us about this.”

“I know, but just humor me. Please?”

Silence came again for a few seconds. Alex could hear the heartbeats of his friends, a mix of three varying tempos, within that silence. Some of them were getting faster, and soon the scents of fear started to show.

The End

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