Chapter 23 - Logic and EmotionMature

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Moon Phase – Waxing Crescent


Listening to the outside noises, Alex heard wind blowing against the truck, but nothing else; his shaky breathing thankfully didn’t echo inside of the truck bed. Taking a sniff of the air, all he could smell was his own sweat, his clothing, his breath with the steak spices on it, and an old trace of soda. The latter two reminding him that he was in for a hunger attack soon. He would have to endure it. Sans any soreness, Alex felt shaky at the thought of how his friends were reacting not even five feet from where he was, with barely a foot of steel and liner between them.

After what seemed like half a minute, he finally heard a voice. “Think he’s OK?” It was Catherine.

“I think so.” This time it was Nathan.

Unable to tell if they were saying those things out of fear or concern, Alex reached out with one paw and tapped the liner twice. He wanted to talk instead, but for now, this would work. Better they not look like they were talking to a caged animal.

“Shit.” Marcus spoke this time. Hearing a slight metallic thump, he figured he was leaning against his truck. “What do we do now?”

“I don’t know.” Nathan said.

Hearing that, Alex wanted to say ‘take me home’. It was still in the middle of their dinner however, much less his friend’s birthday.

“That guy leave, or is he still there?” Marcus asked.

“I think he’s still there.”

What amount of fear Alex was feeling in relation to his attacker was then overshadowed by relief mixed with guilt. Shifting in the middle of town was the last thing he wanted. Telling himself it only happened because of something he didn’t know about didn’t make him feel any better. What did was knowing that this guy was keeping his distance for the time being.

For a few more seconds, there was silence, then shattered by his stomach starting to quiver a churn. To him, it was grossly loud, and the feeling of his vessels being squeezed came back quickly. He still heard nothing outside for a time, making him believe his friends hadn’t heard the noise.

However, hearing the latch of the bed click, Alex’s eyes snapped open. It soon came down to reveal Nathan’s chest, and the darkened road and trees behind him. Despite his eyes letting him see through the darkness, the light from the street lamps made sure Nathan wouldn’t see his were form immediately.

The End

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