Chapter 22Mature

Feeling like the eyes of the entire world were on him, Alex shook his head. This guy had seen his friends with him. For all he knew, he now knew they were a group, or now knew their scents. As he thought about it, claws would certainly give him a leg up right now.

Taking a step, he saw Marcus shoot up from his chair and stand between him and his attacker. “Dude…” He stopped talking.

Alex could see the fear in his eyes. Not unjustified at all. “Stay back.”

He stepped around Marcus and made his way to the other werewolf. As much as he wanted to tell himself that this guy wasn’t meaning him direct harm, direct was the key word. He wouldn’t cause something here, with witnesses. He would do it without them. Without him knowing.

Seeing his attacker up close, Alex’s memory flashed back to the night he was attacked. The roles were reversed now. He had the upper hand here. “What are you doing here?” His voice came out lower than normal.

“Waiting on a meal.” The werewolf’s reply was neutral in tone, if not slightly frustrated.

Alex guessed he had smelled him coming. At the same time, from the scents on this guy, barely any were rural in nature. He caught some scents from oak trees and holly bushes, possibly maple as well. All the rest were collections of scents more in common with apartment or house living, or really good cleaning.

It was then that Alex wished he could hear this guy’s heartbeat. Or smell if he was afraid. “I don’t buy that for one second.”

“Why not? I can’t eat a meal by myself while you get to be around others?”

At that point, Alex was shaking with rage. “If you even think about it…”

His attacker stood up, sliding the chair away so loudly that Alex felt every eye look their direction. No reply came after the action. Just the action itself.

Whether it was that, or the look in this guy’s eyes, he shirked back an inch, narrowing his eyes. Deep down, it was like his body was recoiling on its own.

He then felt someone grab his shoulder. It was Marcus. With his eyes darting back and forth, he was lost for words. He couldn’t say anything. Nothing sounded right enough to say. Yet, as he started to calm down, the spasms in his arms and shoulders did not. They traveled down his chest, into his legs, making him feel wobbly.

All his thoughts froze. Not here. Not now.

With one final glare at the other werewolf, Alex rushed outside, Marcus in pursuit by the footfalls behind him. Once outside, his nose was flushed with scents as his olfactory senses grew stronger, his head starting to burn up as his limbs kept twitching.

The End

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