Chapter 22Mature

As he sliced off the first part of his steak, the pinkish inside and seasonings enticing both his eyes and nose, Alex heard Nathan speak. Albeit in a hushed tone. “And the werewolf buys a steak for dinner. Typical.”

Alex smirked at that. “At least it’s not raw.” Taking a bite, he sat chewing it for a minute to take in the flavor. It was lacking stringiness, which was a plus.

“Since we’ve all got our food,” Catherine reached for a wrapped object and a card, handing it to Marcus afterward. It was thick, and seemed like a hardback book of some kind. “Happy 21st.”

“Thanks. I’ll open it later.”

“In that case,” Nathan made a similar gesture into his jacket’ inside pockets.

Meanwhile, Alex ducked down and began to sift through his backpack to find the game and the card he’d purchased. Reaching into the front pocket, he only found his T-wrench, with the rest of the pack behind it feeling light. “Oh, crap. Did I forget it?

Sans running into his attacker, humiliation from forgetting something like this made his face flush with blood. Opening the back pockets this time as his friend received his second gift, he heard something make a crickling sound, like crumpled paper. Breathing a massive sigh, he found the game inside the rear pocket, still wrapped in red foil with the card nearby.

Pulling them out, he handed them to his friend. “Enjoy your 21st, man.”

“Thanks, guys. Let’s finish eating; I’ll open them outside.”

Nodding in response, Alex went back to his steak. Noticing that the restaurant had filled up a bit more since his head was down, he looked around at all the occupied tables and the ordering counter. One of the families had left, and another had come in. No individuals it seemed.

Good.” He thought to himself. Taking another bite of his steak, again chewing to savor the flavor, the front door of the restaurant opened. His eyes glanced up to see who was coming in response.

He saw the red hoodie first, then the person’ arms wrapped around themselves. His pulse immediately jumped at least ten beats per minute. He couldn’t smell this person yet, but his body was already running on auto-pilot. So much so that he didn’t hear anyone address him.

The person shook once as they approached the order counter, unwrapping themselves as they did so. Alex watched intently as they pulled the hoodie down, revealing the black and bleached hair. “No.

The End

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