Chapter 22Mature

“It’s not that cold out.” he said as a strong wind rushed by them.

“If you say so.” Catherine said. “So, which film do you guys want to see?”

“I have no idea. What’s on this week?”

As Nathan began flipping through the list of available films, the rest of the group began naming off ones they thought were good. The general direction was towards a drama film of some kind. “That one’s sold out…” Nathan said as he found a potential match. “There’s another showing at 4:10, though. That one?”

With a general agreement on the showing, the group started towards the theatre, the small talk between them moving from games to developments at work. The afternoon crowds were thankfully light, but Alex’s senses were quickly swamped by dozens of scents as they entered the building. Many of those being the scents of flavorings and sodas from the concession stands. Although much nicer than the ones he’d been searching through the day before, being surrounded by them became distracting after some time had passed.

 By the time the film was over, the scents of so many sweets had started to make Alex’s stomach churn, along with Marcus. Once back at the mall, they split off as Nathan and Catherine headed for the bookstore, saying they would regroup shortly.

With his meal in his hands shortly afterwards, Alex fired off a question to Marcus after he swallowed his first bite. “About what I said last week…Are you still a little skeptical about it?”

Marcus shrugged. “It is hard to believe.”

“No worries. I get you.” Alex replied, although in his mind, he was wondering why his friend was thinking that way.

“Catherine’s really been on the lookout for that guy since you stopped by her work last week, though.”

“I wasn’t trying to unnerve her or anything.” Alex replied, his tone a bit defensive. “Just making sure he wasn’t stalking her. Or any of us.”

“You had any luck with that?”

“Aside from Nathan’s place of work, no. This guy could be… Hang on. Let me show you.” Alex pulled out his phone and showed where the locations were.

“That’s a pretty big area.”

“That’s what I said too.”

“Hopefully, the police are looking around there.”

Hearing that, Alex diverted the topic a bit. “With canine units, but I believe so.”

Marcus acknowledged the statement, going back to eating as they kept walking.

When they rejoined Catherine and Nathan, browsing the fantasy and role-playing sections respectfully, Catherine was the first to suggest eating now would be a better idea than waiting. With his stomach not fully satisfied with what he had eaten, Alex nodded at the suggestion.

The End

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