Chapter 22Mature

Giving a wave as he walked up to the counter, Catherine returned the gesture. Her first sentence afterwards was exactly what he was hoping to hear. “Hey. I haven’t seen that guy you told us about.”

“Nice. I was just over at Gamestop and I didn’t see him there either.” Catherine nodded with a smile, albeit one that wasn’t completely uplifting. “Just in case though, I’ll check.”

Starting from the spot he had found the werewolf’s scent before, Alex went through the aisles towards the right of the store one by one, occasionally crouching down to see if the scent had settled to the floor. He found scents similar to the ones he’d noticed at the front, but not the one he was looking for.

Stopping at the Science Fiction aisle to give his nose a break, he thought of listening to a few songs while he walked the rest of the store. Seeing his instant messenger lacking any new alerts, he decided against it just in case one came.

At the same time, his old fear of his friends not talking to him because of his revelation started to creep back. Or was it because he wasn’t talking much to them? Shaking his head a bit, Alex chocked it up to neither possibility; all four of them were still speaking face to face. Beyond that, no message alerts was a good thing to a degree. It was the fastest way they had to warn each other if this guy was around.

Making his way to the other side of the store, Alex repeated the process of checking each aisle. None of them had any trace of the scent, much to his relief. Heading back to the counter to let Catherine know, she had stepped out, her scent trail leading him back to the Mystery aisle.

She was organizing a new batch of trade-ins when he found her. “I didn’t find it.”

“Good to know.” Catherine replied. “I’ll still keep my eyes out though.”

Nodding to his friend, Alex left the store, looking around as he prepared to repeat the process. For a second, he thought of diverting towards the Tampa shop instead of Blue Moon, just in case he showed around there. Thinking it was too far out of the way, he continued to his workplace.

The End

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