Chapter 22 - ...Of Two WerewolvesMature

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Moon Phase – New


Finishing off the last of the second sub and his soda, Alex headed back outside. Once on his motorcycle, he thought through all the places he had found this guy. The first was the park, too far away from where he was now. Then, Catherine’s place of work and Nathan’s, both relatively close.

After leaving the lot, he made his way over to Gamestop first. Nathan’s car wasn’t there and the store was lightly packed. Looking through the windows while he pretended to mess around with his phone, he didn’t see anyone with red clothing or black and bleached hair. Although that made him feel hopeful, he had to check for his scent to be sure.

Heading inside and doing a full walk of the store, as small as it was, Alex felt more like a wolf than a civilian as he checked for the scent. Even more so than a month before when he was just exploring the house, or a part of his neighborhood. With the store lacking the werewolf’s scent, he relaxed a bit, glad to know he hadn’t shown up again.

Leaving with a nod to the employee who was working there, his next stop was Catherine’s place of work. Before he started the engine again, another question crossed his mind. Was this guy watching people besides his friends? He had uncovered his presence at two of the places they worked, but those were among the few places he always went in town. Let alone the places anyone could go.

Looking out to the lines of stores on his side of the town square, he could barely imagine going inside each one just to find one scent. Deciding to focus on the places of those close to him for now, Alex made his way to the Half-Price Books down the road.

Pulling into closest parking spot he could find, he scanned the aisles he could see from the lot. Once again, there was no immediate sign of him but like before, Catherine was working a shift at the trade-in counter. Once inside, Alex took a few quick sniffs of the air; her perfume he identified first, followed by compositions of tobacco and body spray before the wind coming in behind him scattered the scents.

The End

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