Chapter 21Mature

As Alex said goodbye to his father, his thoughts once again went to Angela. With her dead, his attacker already had a charge of murder on his head. Plenty to arrest someone with, but if he was, the lunar cycle would eventually reveal what he was. The idea of a media frenzy surrounding a live werewolf, much less the idea of how fast that news would spread and what would happen to his hometown as a result was enough to make Alex recount his immediate desire to see this guy arrested and tried.

He had managed to get away with killing an animal himself with his attacker being the one doing the rest so far. If the other werewolf vanished, all of his crimes would fall on his head. A thought that made Alex feel like the world was watching him.

“F***.” Alex thrust his arm down and behind him in a wide arc, missing a nearby wall by inches. Let this guy get away with what he was doing, or get rid of him and be accused of everything he had done once the killings came back. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

As he stormed out to his bike, Alex tried his hardest to calm down. It was a hopeless effort. Nothing he could think of would make him forget his train of thought. Even the idea of going back home to play with Bailey. With an exasperated exhale, he started the engine and left campus.

Driving into First Colony, he went for a sub-sandwich shop down the road from where Nathan worked. Ordering two subs and a soda, he took in the scents of the shop while he waited for them. The taste of ham hit the spot with his stomach, his collection of music doing the same for his ears.

Upon finishing the first sandwich, he was still fuming and twitching at some of his thoughts, though not as much as before. He pictured the werewolf when he first encountered him. What he felt when he caught his scent at Catherine’s workplace. What he felt when he realized who this person was as a human.

At that moment, Alex was struck with a thought. His father couldn’t break the rules of his job, but he was still patrolling the city, on the watch for developments. What if he did the same thing? He knew who this guy was, what he looked like, where he had appeared so far, and his scent on top of that. He could easily patrol parts of the city himself, and try and figure out the werewolf’s movements.

Even if arrest was out of the question because of what this guy was, this was still his home town.

The End

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