Chapter 21Mature

Where his friends had given pause before, his father was quick to ask questions. “What did they look like?”

“He was pale skinned; about my age, I guess. Nothing too distinguishing, but his hair was black with bleached tips. Like mine but longer.”

“What kind of clothing was he wearing?”

“A red hoodie and jeans with athletic shoes.”

“OK. Did he say anything to you, or did you get his name?”

“No, unfortunately. Nathan couldn’t see his driver’s license. If he had one.” When his father acknowledged the last part, Alex quickly continued. “Dad, if you find him, be careful.”

“Even if I do, under these circumstances, we’re looking for a canine. Not a person.”

“So your hands are tied either way?” Alex replied, now feeling frustrated along with worried.

“Unfortunately.” His father said, his tone still professional.

“Great. So, the only way anyone can arrest this bastard is if he comes after someone as a human. Which he’s probably not going to do.”

His father stayed silent on the other side of the line for a time. He could hear his breathing and some radio chatter, but little else. When he did finally speak, his tone was quieter. “Son, I’ll keep my eyes open for this person. I can promise you that, but I can’t arrest him when I only have your word.”

Alex’s throat felt like someone had punched it. As much as he wanted to see this guy behind bars, his father was right. As he calmed down and thought about it, he realized it was the better way to go. As long as the body count didn’t start to include more people.

The End

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