Chapter 21Mature

“Is something going on?” David asked.

“No. I’m just wondering.”

“Are you feeling…?” Alyssa began.

“I’m OK.” Alex sighed. “To be honest though, I’d love to not have to hold back on being a werewolf sometimes.”

“Why would you say that?” David asked. “I thought you said you couldn’t stop from…”

“I know, dad. That’s what worries me. It’s like my stomach won’t be satisfied until I eat something live, starving or not.” His mother noticeably shuddered, but his father was considering the reply.

“You haven’t tried other means of getting around that?”

“I have,” Alex said as he came back and sat. “but that only works after the shift. And I don’t know when it could flare up after that.” While his folks both shared looks that said they wanted to know more, neither of them continued. In the back of his head, Alex was glad they didn’t.

The next day as he sat in class with Nathan, a wave of guilt began to come at him. His friends had handled learning about the second werewolf without acting afraid, yet he had held back from telling his parents what he knew.

Reaching for his phone after class, he dialed his father’s number as he walked to a quieter place on campus. The thoughts of this guy coming after the police if they tried to stop him initially made him hesitant to do so. When the last number was dialed, three rings went out before he got an answer. “Hello, son.”

“Hey, Dad. You busy?”

“Just on patrol. Was there something you needed?”

Alex took a deep breath. He had to remain hopeful. “Yeah, and you should get a pad for this.”

“Why?” His father’s tone immediately became more serious. “What happened?”

“It’s not that. I’ve got something I need to tell you.”

“Hang on.” As his father said that, he could hear the sound of radio chatter through the speaker. It was a call for officers to investigate a burglary. “Alright, what is it?”

Looking around to be sure no one was nearby, Alex started talking. “I ran into the werewolf that bit me a few days ago. When I was at Nathan’s place of work.”

The End

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