Chapter 21Mature

Even so, since we know what he looks like, if we do see him, then what?” Catherine asked.

“Act normal.” Nathan said. Alex looked at him for a second, but didn’t say anything in response. “I think that’s the best idea.”

I agree.” Marcus said. “If he’s only shown up in two places, I don’t think we have much to worry about.

Alex took a minute to consider everything. As much as he wanted to say he disagreed, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He liked the idea of not being paranoid about this. “I’ll agree with you there, but like I said, I don’t know how this guy operates.”

So err on the side of caution.” Marcus said; Alex acknowledged that phrase. “No worries.

The conversation slowly came to an end after that. With the game in hand, Alex left the shop. Outside, it was still windy but he kept alert. Even if he was finding no trace of this guy, something was still nagging at him about the encounter.


Wednesday, September 27th, 2011

Moon Phase – New


That something carried over into his classes the next day. Foregoing trying to pry too hard into the subject, Alex spent most of the afternoon skating at the Tampa shop. The afternoon hours before three were slim, making that the best time to ride. Even so, his concentration was off, making some of his grinds sketchy, and ending some in bails.

Indulging in dinner that night with his folks, Alex noticed that his dad was acting like he was thinking about something. Under the table, he went online to check the local news page. Another animal was missing, reported on Monday.

Sitting at the table, recalling the face of his attacker, Alex felt the same squeezing of his chest that he’d felt the night he was attacked. When he was debating calling his dad to tell him what had happened.

“Hey, dad.”  Alex began, continuing once his father acknowledged him. “Any updates the animals?”

“Not really. We’re just taking reports.”

“Ah. OK.” Alex’ heart was thundering against his ribs as he replied.

The End

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