Chapter 21Mature

With his phone pressed to his ear, Alex waited for Marcus to respond. He was supposed to be off work but didn’t answer until four rings in. “Hello?

“Hey, man. It’s Alex.”

What’s up?

“Uh, me and Nathan have something we need to let you know. I’ll put you on speaker.” Pressing the button for speaker phone, the volume of Marcus’ voice went up several decibels.

“I’ve got Catherine on the line. One second.” Nathan said, walking through the same conversation with her.

When both phones were on speakers, Catherine spoke first. “What’s going on you guys?

“Nathan and I just had a run-in with the guy that bit me.” Alex said, his voice direct.

The silence on the phone lines lasted for a few seconds afterwards. “What happened?

“That’s the thing. Nothing.” Nathan said.

“He just walked in, chatted with us, bought a game and left.” Alex continued. “I didn’t realize it was him until after he left and I caught his scent.”

Oh, my God.

If that’s the case, this guy’s either screwing with you, or… actually, he probably is screwing with you.” Marcus said.

“I don’t know, but anyway, we know what he looks like now.” Alex said.

“He was wearing a red hoodie,” Nathan began. “and his hair… looked a bit moppy but it was black and bleached on the front strands.”

Huh. That would make him stick out.” Catherine said.

What about the rest of him? How old was he?” Marcus asked.

“He looked about 18, I think.” Nathan looked over to Alex. “That sound about right?”

“Yeah, it does. Kinda creepy though.”

“He didn’t buy a mature title so I couldn’t check his ID. I’m guessing he was thin as well, but we couldn’t tell what else he was wearing beyond jeans.”

So, 18 years old, maybe. Black and bleached hair, thin build…

“Yeah,” Alex said. “but guys, I’m going to say this now. If you see him, stay away from him. I don’t trust that attitude he showed either of us.”

I wouldn’t either.

“I don’t know what he’s doing, if he’s scoping all of us out, or what.” Alex stopped talking. If that possibility had any merit...

Has he shown up anywhere else?

Alex told me he came into my store about a week ago.” Catherine replied.

No one approached you or…?

“He doesn’t have to.” Alex interjected. “Directly, anyway.” Before anyone could respond, he continued. “I found out who he was when I caught his scent.”

So…how would he know any of us?” Marcus asked after a period of silence.

“What do you mean?”

I mean, even if he can tell something by scent, as you said, how would he know we all know each other?” No one said anything in response. “Unless he tapped into our phones or something like that.

Alex and Nathan looked at each other. They had shared names when in the werewolf’s presence, but was that enough? “I didn’t consider that, but you have a point.”

The End

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