Chapter 21Mature

Despite being able to get a good idea of which games were the newest by their scents, nothing on the shelves stood out immediately. His personal favorite shooter was on sale however, along with a few others, all three of which he took down to look at.

As he flipped through the manual of one of the games, Alex heard the door of the store open up. Glancing to his right, he saw someone with a red and grey hoodie looking towards the PC section. His hair was black, sans half an inch of the longer strands bleached white. For a second, the person locked eyes with him after Nathan; Alex gave him a quick nod and went back to reading the manuals he had.

“Welcome to Gamestop.” Nathan said to the customer. “Looking for something?”

“No. Just browsing.” The customer said. Nathan once again acknowledged the statement.

As Alex went through the second manual he had, this one for a game he had seen before but didn’t take much interest in, he fired off a question. “Hey, Nathan. Have you heard anything about Bulletstorm by chance?”

“It gets boring after a while.” Said the customer, drawing Alex’s attention.

“I’ve played it before.” Nathan replied. “It’s pretty fun once you start racking up kill scores.”

“Painkiller is better. You can just cut loose and blow everything up.” As the customer replied, he picked out a PC game from the shelf, walking over to the counter right after. “Give that one a try.”

“I’ve heard that title before…” Alex said, trying to recall where. “I think I saw a copy at work after some trade-ins last week.”

The customer nodded with a smile. “Classic gaming right there.”

“Nice. Thanks for the info.” Replacing the first two games he’d picked out, the last was a military shooter. A game type Alex knew Marcus played sometimes. Flipping the box over to read the blurbs on the back, he heard Nathan checking out the customer.

“Divine Divinity. This one’s rather good.”

“I’ve heard, but it’s for a friend. Not me.”

“Good value though. Can’t beat ten bucks.”

After mentioning the total price, the customer took a second to respond with how they were paying. “I’ll use cash.”

“OK.” Nathan soon had the change ready to go and counted out loud the remainder. “Have a good one.”

“You too, Nathan.”

The End

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