Chapter 20Mature

For a time, the perfume remained the easiest one to identify. Unlike the exhaust and creamer scents, they were flowing down to him and were easy to pick up. Closing his eyes again, Alex tried to focus. He heard jingling from somewhere behind him, and an object set upon the counter. A mild tan smelling scent quickly began to stand out: leather. It smelled fresh rather than aged. “New purse, I bet.

Being able to identify that scent was enough to give him pause. If he didn’t have senses like this, he would never have known some of the things he now did. With nearly a month past however, he could scarcely remember how it felt to smell things like a human. When he needed a large amount of stuff nearby, or a powerful enough scent in the air.

The thought produced a bit of mist in his eyes, which he yawned away; the tightening of his throat he couldn’t repress. Quietly sighing, Alex kept at trying to identify any other scents, telling himself that what he was doing was learning instead of spying. He shook his head lightly. It would be learning for a canine. Which he wasn’t.

Straightening his back and stretching a bit, he heard the librarian behind him speaking to her coworker. Something about an event that was coming up later that evening. As he tried not to listen, his hand supporting his chin, he found the first signs of another scent. A very mild one, yet slightly sweet.

Since he’d heard no movement behind him, the same librarian had to be giving off this scent. Even so, this was a new one to him. How weak it was compared to the other two made him wonder what she had done that he hadn’t seen. However, while trying to process the scent, the same chill from before ran up Alex’s spine again. This time enough to make him quiver a bit. Like that scent was far too personal of a thing for him to be thinking of.

Glancing around to be sure no one was paying attention to him, he closed the paperback and got up. He had tested this idea enough for now. Hearing a few sounds of clicking nails on wood, he looked to the librarian behind him, giving her a quick nod and a smile while showing the book.

“Are you checking that one out?”

“Nah. I read a couple pages and it didn’t appeal to me.” Alex said, heading back to replace the book. As he did so, the chill began to weaken. Thinking it was a reaction to testing his senses on a total stranger didn’t make him feel much better. Even so, just as he’d hoped, the library was clear.

The End

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