Chapter 20Mature

Telling himself to relax, Alex forced himself to think. He had only found the scent of this guy in one place that his friends worked. Marcus’ schedule was often in line with his own. He would have found it at Blue Moon by now if this person was watching his friends. That just left Nathan.

At the same time, his thoughts fell on his parents. His father was often on patrol around the city and only stopped for certain calls. His mother however was one of the librarians at a branch not far from where he was. Neither of them had said anything about odd persons though.

“I’ll check with Nathan tomorrow.” Alex said, opening his eyes. “See if he’s noticed anything.”

“In the meantime then, I’ll keep a look out on that aisle.” Catherine said.

“Sounds good, and sorry for not telling you this sooner.”

“It’s OK. Thanks.”

Leaving the store with a quick wave to his friend, Alex returned home to his folks already eating. Despite some food already in his stomach, he was still a bit hungry and joined them.

The conversations between them began and ended with how his shift for the day went. For a while between, the subject of how everything had gone on Saturday came up. With a reply that things had gone pretty good, Alex didn’t feel any unease coming on, nor did he see any in his folks.

At the same time, like with Catherine, he wanted to tell them something concrete about the werewolf. If only so they knew what to look out for. Even though he had yet to check if this guy had shown up at the library or where Nathan worked, the idea of it just being a coincidence with Catherine was still there, and his mindset was hopeful for that.

Even so, Alex decided to check the library after class on Monday, along with Gamestop.


Monday, September 25th, 2011

Moon Phase – Waning Crescent


Classes the next day let out to a sunny afternoon, encouraging a ride around campus for a bit. With many of the better handrails capped by grind stoppers, and his supply of wax running low, Alex was restricted to doing flatground and flip tricks for the time being. The activity stretched out into a period of nearly fifteen minutes before he headed for his motorcycle.

With sweat streaming from under his hair, he made a quick detour to get some food before going for the library. Downing half a cup of soda while on his parked bike, the relaxing carbonation bubbled up in his stomach, making him hold back a few burps afterward.

As he started on the fries and cheeseburger, he began to question some of his fears. Almost a full month had passed since he was bitten. That was more than enough time for this guy to find him, or if he had caught his friend’s scents on him, find them. “Better play it safe.” Alex thought.

The End

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