Chapter 20 - Covering The BasesMature

Sunday, September 24th, 2011

Moon Phase – Waning Crescent


The feelings of relief carried over into the following day, still strong as he arrived at work. Arriving just after twelve noon, Daniel was helping a few customers at the trading card counter. After clocking himself in, Alex took over at the register.

“Kind of busy today, isn’t it?” Alex asked while ringing up a few comics.

“Just a short rush. Give it about ten minutes.” Daniel replied.

Giving a small shrug at that, Alex kept his focus on work, lightly smiling with many of his customers. Daniel’s claim of ten minutes was soon overshot by several more, but Alex was eventually able to get back to the floor. His first pair of customers at that point, a married couple by the rings they wore, asked for his help at the comics section.

“We’re looking for a certain comic for our daughter.” said the father.

“Ah, cool.” Alex said. “Do you know what the title was? Or the content?”

“No. She just said it was one with a few women on the cover.”

Alex covered his mouth with his hand while he thought. “All I can think of is Birds of Prey. Did she say if it was Marvel, DC, or…” Hearing a confirmation at DC, Alex went for the surplus boxes near the back of the store.

Uncovering the first issue matching the general description, he handed it to the couple who flipped through it for a second. “Seems interesting but what is this story about?” asked the mother.

With only a bit of info to go on, Alex detailed the general idea as best he could. As he did so, his eyes and focus darted back and forth from the comic to his customers. When he mentioned the protagonists of the comic, they looked at each other briefly then back to the issue.

“Chances are she’ll have to read beyond that one to get the full story, but I don’t think it’s a tie-in.” Alex said as the father reached the last page. He was quickly asked if that was the only issue they had. “Nope. I think we’ve got the whole series in here.” He ended up fishing out fourteen more comics, setting them aside for the time being.

“Um, if possible, can you help us with something else?” asked the mother quickly.

“Yeah, sure.” Alex replied.

“Our daughter’s been talking about this game she really wants to play as well.” The mother said. “What did she call it, Michael?”

“Mage, something.”

“That’s Mage the Awakening, or Ascension.” Alex said quickly. “What did you want to know about it?”

“Mostly what kind of game it is.”

“Ah. It’s a role-playing game. It’s played with dice and character sheets, and you play as someone who can wield magic.” When Alex said the last word, he caught a twitch in the woman’s face, along with a glance aside that put him on his guard. “Not real magic, mind you. I should know. I’ve played it for years.”

The End

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