Chapter 19Mature

By the time Nathan had to depart, Bailey was begging to go outside. By then, the sun had begun to set, leaving the night a darkening blue-black with some clouds adding a bit of red. Following his friend with his pet nearby, Alex let him roam outside a bit while he and Nathan exchanged some quick words.

“Thanks for sticking around and hearing me out, man.” Alex said as Nathan unlocked the door of his car.

“No problem. Still is kind of bizarre though.”

“Yeah. Who would’ve known werewolves were real.” Offering his hand, his friend shook it before stepping into his car. “Oh, by the way, did you tell Marcus about this before I said anything?”

“Yeah. Catherine and I both did.”

Alex hummed at that. “Good idea I got all of us together for this then.” His friend nodded at that.

Stepping aside from the driveway, Alex waved Nathan off, calling for Bailey to come back inside with him. Crossing the doorframe, he heard the sink running in the kitchen and the sound of bird squawks coming from the living room; Catherine was gaming on her phone at the time.

“Catherine, Marcus, you both got a second?” Alex asked as he walked into the living room.

“Be right there.” Marcus said from the kitchen.

Catherine looked in Alex’s direction after pausing. “Yeah.”

Waiting until Marcus walked back into the room, Alex quickly said his piece. “Thanks for the company today, guys.” He pocketed his hands before speaking again. “I have to admit though, I didn’t expect anyone to figure this out before I told you, or my folks.”

“Kind of threw you for a loop, didn’t it?” Catherine said.

Alex nodded with a smile. “Yeah. In a good way.” Noticing that Marcus wasn’t saying anything, as if he was waiting for something to be said, he looked in his direction.

His friend locked eyes with him for a second. “I’m still wondering about these animal killings though.”

Alex averted his eyes for a bit at that, having a good feeling why there were so many. “I’ve been keeping track of them as I hear about them, but…I don’t know.”

“Don’t know what?”

“Why that other werewolf is sticking around.” Alex said. “There’s a ton of farms south of here. A lot more food as well, so why’s he killing animals here?”

“Well, as Catherine said, the news isn’t making what’s going on a spectacle.” Marcus said.

“True,” Alex said. “but these days much of that gets posted online or on local channels.”

“You remember how many incidents have happened?” Catherine asked. “I think it’s about seven so far.” Alex thought for a second before saying he was certain it was eight.

“Huh. If the news is trying not to make a fuss about that many killings, they’re doing one hell of a job.” Marcus said.

As his friend said that, something flashed back into Alex’s head. Why was Angela killed and he was allowed to escape? The sudden remembrance of her made his nerves shiver. How badly she had been torn up, and how frightened she had been.

Watching the headlights of Marcus’ truck go down the road, he wondered if any other people had been attacked aside from him. Recalling how hungry he had been the night of the full moon, the number of kills would have been higher if that was the case. Or someone would have been mauled.

As he headed back inside to Bailey’s company, Alex felt awash with relief. Despite the reactions from his friends, in his eyes he was more relieved to know they believed him. The feeling helped him rest easy that night, more so with Bailey lying down next to him.

The End

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