Chapter 19Mature

“Guys,” Alex finally said. “thanks for sticking around to listen.”

“No problem.” Catherine said.

“Didn’t mean to keep you in the dark so long.”

“It’s OK.” Nathan said. “You had your reasons, I’m sure.”

“Yeah. Had I known I wouldn’t be a mindless monster as a werewolf, I’d have said something sooner.” Taking another bite of his pizza to finish off his last slice, Alex went for seconds, his body trembling in pleasure and relief as he did so. Despite wondering why his friends were taking everything he said so well, he wasn’t about to ignore how good he felt because they were doing so.

As he set the plate down, Alex then recalled the dice he had found. “Oh, Nathan. I’ve got something for you.” Returning to his room, he found the dice bag, thankfully no longer stained from his saliva, and brought it back to his friend. “I found these a while back. I think they’re yours.”

Taking the bag and emptying the contents into his hand, Nathan put a hand around his chin. “You sure? I don’t own a set like these.”

Now it was Alex’s turn to look confused. He knew he hadn’t made a mistake before. Hadn’t he?

Marcus chimed in afterwards. “Let me see those.” Taking the bag, he was quick to continue. “I remember selling these earlier this week.” Looking back to Alex, who was cocking an eyebrow, he asked, “When did you find them?”

“On Wednesday. Across the street in a brush pile.”

“Huh.” Nathan said. “Imagine that.”

Taking a second to wonder if he should say how he found the dice, Alex decided to do it. If only because he was willing to entrust his friends with a bit more information. “I thought it was yours because your scent was on the bag.”

Nathan looked to Catherine again. He wasn’t shocked, but not fully enthralled either. Marcus did the same with Nathan.

“You found…his scent on this?”

Alex nodded. “Or something that reminded me of him. I’m not a hundred percent sure, but that was my first thought when I found the bag.”

Marcus looked at the bag, trying, as if, to comprehend what he was just told.

“I mean like a canine, not a human.” Alex continued. “I’ve got a more sensitive nose, but I can pick out parts of a smell as well. Even if they’re weak, they register to me.”

“I did look at the dice for a while,” Nathan said after a pause. “but I didn’t buy them.”

“That explains it.”

The End

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