Chapter 19Mature

“I thought your folks were gone until the 12th.” Marcus said as he took a bite of his pizza. “How did they see you as a werewolf if you weren’t one that day?”

Knowing where this was going to go, Alex was quick to answer. “They found out two days ago. Turns out I can shift whenever I want.”

Catherine looked at him with her eyes slightly widened. “Really?”

“Yeah. It’s no less painful than the first time it happened to me though.”

“Two days ago.” Nathan said aloud, both to himself and the group. “That was the night that goat was killed.”

“That wasn’t me. It was just a coincidence.” Seeing Catherine shudder put Alex more on the defensive.

“Pretty strange one if you ask me.” Marcus said.

Before Alex replied, he had to wonder if the other werewolf found out that he had shifted that night and did the same thing he’d done the last full moon. “It sounds odd, I know, but it wasn’t me that did that.”

“Even so, this guy…why is he killing all these animals?” Although Marcus asked the question without directing it at anyone, Alex held off on saying anything immediately. Deep in his stomach however, he could feel at least one set of eyes from his friends on him. “Is he trying to make a statement?”

“Well, the news isn’t paying much attention to him.” Catherine said. “So, can’t be that.”

“The police certainly are.” Alex said. “Patrols are still up.”

“Good point, but what about at night?”

“Not sure,” Alex replied, even though he had a feeling that was true. “but I’m assuming so.”

“Nothing from your dad?”

Alex shook his head. “I’m sure they’re tracking this guy, but if so, I haven’t heard anything yet.”

The conversation came to a halt at that point and the four went back to eating in relative silence. Letting his gaze wander to Bailey, who was sitting at attention nearby, Alex slipped him a bit of hamburger and rubbed his head again. His dog followed his arm as he did so a second time, sniffing at it before trying to lick him.

Looking back to his friends, and wondering if he should keep talking, Alex decided to take in the silence for a minute. At the same time, with a sniff of the air around him, he could detect the scent of fear that he had noticed with Nathan on Tuesday. Although faint, it didn’t endear him to the idea of spilling more of his guts at that point.

Unable to immediately tell through scent if Marcus and Catherine felt the same way, he noticed that Catherine was slightly slumped in her chair while Marcus was acting normal. It made him wonder again if only she and Nathan had figured things out before. Or if Marcus had been informed but just didn’t believe it.

The End

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