Chapter 19Mature

As the room once again became silent, Alex felt his pulse starting to drop and his muscles untightening. He felt immeasurably better, as if weights had been removed from his chest.

Catherine seemed to notice, as did Nathan. “Something on your mind still?”

“Nah.” Alex replied. “I’m just… you guys have no idea how happy I am to get that off my chest.”

“Sounds like it.” Catherine said.

“Still hard to believe.” Marcus said.

“Yeah.” Alex said. “I figured it out pretty fast, but I was too scared to say anything.”

“Why not after your…first shift? If that works.” Catherine said. “You had to know something by then, right?”

“I did.” Alex said. “I was aware of what I was doing the whole time, but the way my folks reacted…”

His stalling let Marcus jump in. “What happened?”

“They saw me as a werewolf, and they just stood in front of me. Not talking and staring at me like I would harm them.”

Nathan again looked over to Catherine. “Just saw you?”

“Yeah. They flipped on the living room light when I was trying to explain myself and the next thing I saw was them looking horror-stricken.”

“Unintentional jump scare it would seem.” Nathan said, trying to lift the mood.

Alex smiled a bit in response. “Yeah.” His expression dropped back as he continued. “Bailey wasn’t so lucky, though. He was in the house when it happened the first time. Watched just about every second of it.”

Catherine brought a hand up to her mouth, while Marcus and Nathan showed some fear and revulsion in their looks. “Wow. Poor guy.”

“No kidding.” As Alex responded, Bailey came up next to him and sat, earning a rub between the ears.

“When did it happen?” Catherine asked.

“The 10th was when it happened. One day before the full moon and I stayed that way until the 12th.”

“Really? That’s bizarre.”

“Yeah. Then again, half the stuff that’s been happening to me I never expected at all.”

The ring of the doorbell disrupted the conversation. Remembering the pizzas he ordered, Alex readied a 20 dollar bill to cover the cost. Instead of opening the door immediately however, he brought his nose close to the crack of the door and inhaled. The scents he picked up were mostly plants but the first signs of pizza were there.

With some food ready to go, Alex took the first few slices from the ham and pineapple, handing out plates to his friends as they came for some. Taking a minute to reflect on things, he felt much more calm and thankful. Despite all of his worrying, his friends mostly understood.

In the back of his head however, he was still concerned that his friends would change their tunes if they ever saw him as a werewolf. Or if they found out he had eaten two live animals.

The End

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