Chapter 19Mature

Alex took a deep breath. One way or the other, Marcus was right. No more stalling. He took another breath and let it out. All he had to do was tell them, but his answer became delayed for a time. “That thing that came after me? The animal that killed Angela? It’s a werewolf.”

“You can’t be serious.” Marcus responded with some question in his tone, his eyelids narrowing as well.

However, before Alex could try and defend his position, Catherine jumped in first. “He is serious.”

Looking over to her, the silence in the room became something surreal. It was as if no one wanted to speak, or was allowed to by some sudden, strange rule. And in the same stroke, every other sound seemed to cease.

Alex was dumbstruck, unable to believe what he had just heard. “You believe me?” He finally asked.

“Unless you took some damn good acting classes recently.” Nathan said, smiling. “I haven’t forgotten how bad you did in high school drama.”

Although his friend meant that in jest, Alex’s head swirled with questions. Both Nathan and Catherine were speaking as if they both knew, but Marcus was acting like he had been left out of the loop. Or was maybe unbelieving of the news. The first question on his mind however was how they figured it out. “No. I meant every word, but how did you guys know?”

“That attack dogs suggestion you had was one part.” Nathan said. Alex quickly recalled telling him about that possibility.

“I remember that,” Marcus said first. “but it sounded plausible to me.”

“Yeah, but then when he told us this thing was only acting at night, that made me wonder.” Catherine said.

“That was after the first time I transformed, but I figured that was the case anyway.” Alex said.

“The full moon caused that I assume.” Marcus said, still not sounding convinced.

“Yeah. I was stuck that way for quite a while.”

“That explains why we couldn’t get ahold of you that Monday.” Nathan said.

“Believe me, I tried to answer. I couldn’t use my phone at all, or I would have said something.” Alex then noticed Marcus’ eyes look towards his arms. The ones which two days before were scrapped up and were now fully healed like nothing had happened. Anticipating his friend reaction, he continued. “That’s why those bites I had healed up so fast. And my scrapes. Being a werewolf means faster healing.”

“And bad breath apparently.” Alex lifted an eyebrow at that statement from Catherine, even though it sounded like a jab done in jest. “The day after you weren’t in class. Remember?”

Thinking back, that was the day after he had killed the doe, and then he recalled her face twisting as he was speaking to her. Catherine must have smelled it on his breath then, old blood and all. “Yeah, sorry. I was just glad to be able to show my face again after changing back.”

Marcus then spoke up. “Hang on. I thought the scars from your bites were still visible.”

Alex looked at one shoulder, but didn’t pull his T-shirt down to show them again. “They are. I don’t know why. I guess because I was still being turned that night.”

The End

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