Chapter 19 - Those You TrustMature

Saturday, September 23rd, 2011

Moon Phase – Waning Crescent


Alex went to bed Thursday night regretting what he had said to his folks. He kept asking himself how he could’ve forgotten to clean up something that obvious, before jumping back to the fact that the carcass would’ve been far more damning.

Friday passed without much change in routine, letting him concentrate on what was coming when he had some time to himself. Stopping at the Tampa shop that afternoon, he greeted Walter as he walked in, noticing an ad mentioning the demo sign-ups shortly thereafter. Without hesitation, Alex signed himself up to take part.

While he rode around in the park, he started to wonder why he wasn’t seeing any messages, or getting any calls, from his friends over the last few days. The thought of Nathan, or Marcus, figuring things out and them not speaking to him came to mind. Until he remembered Thursday. Nathan hadn’t refrained from speaking to him then.

Even so, with the approach of zero-hour on Saturday, and his friend’s car coming into the driveway, Alex was hoping with everything he had that his friends would understand.

“Hey, man.” Nathan said as Alex came up to him and shook his hand.

“Hey. C’mon inside.” Opening the front door to an excited Bailey, Nathan let him come before Alex got him to sit. His offer of water was accepted and the two sat in the kitchen for a while, waiting for Marcus and Catherine.

“Your folks go somewhere?”

Alex nodded as he drank from his own glass. “They left the house to me for the day, so yeah.”

Nathan nodded as well. “So, uh, what was up with you the other day?”

That didn’t take long.” Alex thought. “After the Debate Club?” Nathan nodded again. “It’s because of something I found out about recently. Got me a bit bent out of shape.”

“I’ll say. I wasn’t expecting you to break down like that.” Nathan said matter-of-factually.

“Yeah. Didn’t mean for that to happen either.”

“Well, like I said man, just talk to me if you need to.” Alex nodded his thanks to that.

The End

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