Chapter 18Mature

Petting his dog to try and ease himself into a talking mood, Alex kept trying to find some way out of this chat. What could he say to achieve that? Remembering the chat from last night, he’d made it clear he had no idea of everything that could potentially happen to him. Thinking on that for a second, maybe that would let him defuse the suspicion aimed at him, or let him get on another topic.

“Remember when I said I didn’t know else what could happen to me?” Both his parents acknowledged that.

“Was that why you were acting strange this morning?” his mother asked.

“Yeah. And,” Alex paused. He didn’t want to say it, but he was a hair away from doing it. Saying he had eaten a live animal. The thought of saying that phrase in any way made him feel like he was about to run through several glass panes.

“And what?”

“I didn’t just kill that raccoon.” Hearing himself say that, Alex started feeling better despite how much his pulse had gone up. His parents however, he could see the fear coming onto their faces, making his next words harder to say. “I tried everything I could think of, but nothing worked until I started eating that thing.”

His father’s face turned to terror, and his mother of revulsion, as though she felt sick. “You did what?” his father said.

“I didn’t know what else to do. None of the food I bought was helping.” Alex didn’t look at his folks, but the room was deathly silent. That news had clearly hit them hard, and no one seemed willing to talk until he did first. “I don’t know what could’ve happened if I didn’t do that.” Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Alex continued. “But, it’s just a raccoon. No one’s going to miss it.”

“So, what else have you not told us?” His father’s tone was more demanding again.

“That’s it. I’m picking things up from watching myself. I don’t know what else is factual or not, and I don’t know who to ask.”

His mother then said something. “You haven’t tried looking up something that could tell you?”

“I doubt that’ll help. Who would publish real information about werewolves anyway?” Although expecting more debate and questions from his folks, the scents of fear starting to come off their bodies told him they were hesitant to continue. For a time, Alex couldn’t shake the idea that his revelation from the day before was doing more harm than good.

Trying not to think too hard about it, he got up from his seat and starting with his father, hugged his folks. This time without behaving like he was about to get misty.

“Dad?” Alex asked as he went for a bit more food.


“Where was that animal killed?”

“An animal farm north of here. It was a goat this time.”

When he heard ‘north’, Alex felt a chill. That was the direction of Catherine and Marcus’ houses.

The End

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