Chapter 18Mature

“I was thinking about what you were saying before.” Alex said. “About you not liking the way I was hoping to talk to you guys.”

“So, you want to talk right now?”

Although expecting his friend to say that, Alex continued. “Sort of. Like I was telling Nathan, I’ve had my mind on a lot of stuff lately.”

“So you’re stressed out?”

“Yes and no.”

“Ah. I was wondering because you did seem to be acting a bit quiet as of late.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“So, what’s going on?”

The conversation had fallen back on the way Nathan’s had gone, this time leaving Alex trying to find something to say. “I’ve been thinking about those animal killings we’ve been having over the last month.”

Marcus’ face showed confusion. “That’s what’s making you act so reserved?”

“Not wholly, no.” Alex stumbled on what to say next, not noticing how his body was giving off signs that he was nervous.

“You look like you really don’t want to say something.” Marcus said matter-of-factually.

Although he didn’t catch any odd tones in his friend’s voice, Alex’s thoughts shuffled back and forth. Letting his gaze meet his arm, he thought about saying something about his injuries. It was the most convincing way to make an early point about his lycanthropy, but possibly too much of one too soon.

Exhaling a bit, Alex let his next words come freely. “It has to do with the thing that attacked me as well.”

“Did you find out something about it?”

“Actually…” Alex stalled. Hinting at too much right now could drive his friend to think he was crazy, but he wasn’t able to say anything more until Marcus continued.


“Remember when you mentioned it was possible it could’ve been a grey wolf?”

“From what you described, it makes sense. So, are you not sure about it?” Alex didn’t respond for a minute, and Marcus’ eyebrows rose a bit. “Wait a second.”

Alex held one hand up, giving him the proverbial mike. His pulse had picked up a bit by now. Even though he had opened this line of dialogue, Marcus’ reaction was something he had to consider carefully. “Dude, I’m not trying to bullshit you here.”

“OK, but what are you trying to tell me then?” Marcus said. “That that wasn’t what you saw, or something else?”

“Both.” Looking down at his wounds, Alex swallowed hard and turned his left arm to reveal his injuries again. Marcus looked right at them but didn’t seem to notice anything immediately. “They’re healing up pretty fast.”

Marcus leaned in closer, taking a second to realize that. “I’ll say.”

The reaction was neither of fear as Alex was expecting, nor awe. Just neutral. “I’ll explain more on Saturday.”

The End

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