Chapter 18Mature

The minutes slowly ticked by, despite how little attention he paid to any clock around him. Hoping to get his mind on something else, he began looking around again for a present for Marcus. Or anything that would give him an idea. Remembering that he often saw him reading comics at the register, he glanced over to try and see which one he was reading this time. From his position, all he could see was the back of the issue he had, and its advertisement for Skyrim.

Maybe a full game reservation?” Alex considered the idea, one hand on his chin. That would be a nice gift, although getting his friend something other than a receipt was more appealing.

“Something wrong?” Alex looked to his side to see Trevor emerging from the back room.

“Oh…no. I was just thinking.” As Alex replied, he saw Trevor’s eyes glance down at his injuries and stay there for a second. Deciding not to say anything on them, Alex diverted to another question. “Anything I should do since the store is so quiet?”

“Nothing comes to mind,” Trevor’s face smirked a bit. “but you’ll be the first to know when it does.” Alex returned the look from his boss.

Before long, the store once again became busy, with customers looking for items all over the shelves. Noticing a gesture from Marcus for a customer in the comics sections, he stepped over to help out. “We should have that…Here we go.” Alex said, handing a copy of Green Lantern #55 to his customer.

“Appreciate it. Um, I’m also looking for a certain Werewolf the Forsaken book.”

Hearing that phrase made Alex shudder a bit, something he found odd and silly at the same time. “You know the title?” The customer nodded and named it. “Let me see.”

Within the mass of orange book spines in the RPG section, he found the book, dropping it off at the counter after his customer was ready to buy. Giving a Marcus a brief nod, Alex headed back to help another customer.

Keeping his hands from going into his pockets, he was now starting to debate the idea of trying to hide this. With two days left, his friends were going to find out anyway. Thinking back to the last time he had spoken with Marcus over the phone, he remembered his words about not liking where things were going. Alex felt like his blood flow was going in reverse as he continued to think on that.

“Hey, Marcus.” Alex called from the new comics section. When his friend responded, Alex continued. “You got a minute?”

“Sure. Be right there.” Seeing him set the comic he was reading aside, Alex was quick to answer Daniel’s question of if something was wrong. When Marcus was close by, with less than 30 minutes to go in his shift, Alex felt what he was about to say get stopped in his lungs. “What’s going on?”

The End

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