Chapter 18Mature

“You crash on your board?” Marcus asked from across the store; no one else was there to hear the question.

“Yeah. Tried to do a 5-0 on some concrete and the truck got snagged.”

“Ow. That must’ve hurt.” Alex’s reply supported that statement. “Oh, wait a second.” Marcus closed the register and began walking from behind the counter. He came within ten feet of him before he continued. “Are you sure you don’t want to just talk to me one on one?”

Alex averted his eyes for a second, even though he already knew his answer to that. “Yeah. Like I said, I want all of us to hear the same thing.”

Marcus considered the rest of his response for a second. “Nathan was saying you got pretty upset before you called.”

“I did,” Alex said. “Wasn’t pleasant, but I did.”

“Well, if you want to, today’s going to be slow.”

“Thanks.” Alex rubbed at his wounds again. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

The first half hour following that was indeed slow going, with only two people coming in. Working his way down the shelves, Alex was eventually asked a question by one of the customers. “I’m looking for a copy of the Dawn Trader main rulebook. Do you have it?”

Trying to recall that name, Alex diverted to Marcus for an answer. “That’s a Warhammer product. I think we have it in backstock.” Nodding to his friend, Alex headed to the back of the store to find the book, returning shortly after.

“Found it. 59.99 though, wow.” His customer acknowledged the comment before buying the book, leaving the store empty again. Figuring now was a good time to restock the empty sections of the comic shelves, Alex went back to the storage room.

It was then that the skin on his arms felt a bit tense and tight around his scrapes. Massaging them for a bit, when he checked them, the skin there did look more taut, but the wounds themselves had healed a fair amount. What looked like several days’ worth.

The sight of them already looking better didn’t bother him; wondering if Marcus would notice that change did. For a minute, he thought of trying to hide his injuries with his jacket sleeves. With how warm it was inside the store, he tossed the idea out. He’d only be making himself suffer trying that.

And then, Marcus hadn’t said much on them anyway. They would be easy to hide or play down. Even if he had to do some lifting. Heading back out onto the shop floor with a box in hand, Alex tried not to look like he was hiding something, or paying too much attention to his wounds.

The End

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