Chapter 18Mature

“Dude, you OK?” Looking around, Alex saw another student coming his way, breaking from what looked like a small crowd. Feeling a twinge of nervousness come over him at suddenly being a center of attention, he forced himself up, despite his legs trembling a bit.

“Yeah. I’m OK.” His legs almost betrayed him at that moment from the shakes they had. Because of the fall or his worry, he couldn’t tell. The student noticed it as well, acting as if to catch him before another stumble.

Swearing to himself, Alex stood straight but didn’t make eye contact for a second. “I hope so.” The student said.

“That’s normal. Just got up too fast. Thanks, though.”

“No problem. Ow.”

Checking his injuries, blood was already starting to bubble up from the scrapes in varying severities. “That’ll stop in a minute or so.” The student acknowledged him before walking back to his group from before.

After recovering his board, Alex slipped inside the nearby building, heading for the restrooms. While he never carried a full first-aid kit with him, he had enough gauze packets to do the job needed in this case. The scrapes were large but not ones that would need any dressings.  

Wiping his arms with the cotton pads, his hands trembled each time he went over the wounds to dab them off. It took a few minutes for the bleeding to stop, and a few follow up dabs came before Alex left for work.

At the shop, Marcus was already on shift, attending to two customers. “Hey, man.”

“Hey Marcus.” Alex replied, lifting his arm to wave at his friend. He caught his friend’s expression changing to question and then repulsion as he did so, but he was too busy to comment on his scrapes. Clocking himself in for the day, Alex was quick to start on reorganizing the shelves that had gotten messed up before he arrived.

The End

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